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Land Summit warning viewed over 13,000 times

A short video warning customary landowners about the government’s intention to use the National Land Summit to spark a new land grab has been viewed more than 13,000 times in less than a fortnight.

Produced by ACT NOW!, the video explains how the Land Summit will lead to commercial banks and foreign companies being given more access to customary land. This is in response to the government being forced to stop the issuing of new SABL leases.

World Bank Urges Caution in Seabed Mining in the Pacific

Source: 4-Traders, Fiji

A new World Bank report recommends that Pacific Island countries supporting or considering deep sea mining activities proceed with a high degree of caution to avoid irreversible damage to the ecosystem, and ensure that appropriate social and environmental safeguards are in place as part of strong governance arrangements for this emerging industry.

Civil Society denounces World Bank's conference on land & poverty

They may think that they have the perfect solutions to con us and take/use our customarily owned land but we will not remain fools. Whose interest is the World Bank serving ? becuase we now know from past experiences that they defiantly don't have our (grassroot people) interest at hand. We dont want your money making ventures and your banks so you can keep your suits and your policies and we'll keep and manage our land!

World Bank admits increasing violence is consequence of rapid economic growth

Picture: The Australian 

Good to see the World Bank admit increasing levels of violence are a consequence of rapid economic growth (which they have promoted incidently!). This is yet another indication that our current model of develpment has serious negative consequences for most of us while it is only our elite and foreigners who see the benefits...

Source: Islands Business

Who is directing Papua New Guinea destiny?

Are we going to define our own development pathway of just be in the "YES BOSS" mentality? Look at how World Bank and the International Financial Institutions (IFIs) have done to our beloved country and the once unique traditional and workable systems we had. Influenced and Framed to think and behave like them!! In fact we cannot. Lets us look back at how our ancestors lived!!!!

Source: Dan Jorgense

Special grants to help women

Source: The National

TWO groups of women from the Ramu Nickel project areas are the first in Madang to benefit from the small grants programmes for mine affected communities.

These women from Kurumbukari and Maigari will get two new trucks to assist with their agri-business activities.

Other two from the coastal pipeline and Basamuk will receive a truck and piggery project based on their applications.

Joint Statement on World Bank Faliure to Protect Land Rights and Prevent Impoverishment in Draft Safeguards

"... joint statement on the failure of the World Bank's draft safeguards to protect land rights and prevent impoverishment was just sent to the Committee on Development Effectiveness and other Executive Directors, with 111 signatories from around the world.  We will be sending out a media statement shortly - please help to spread it widely to journalists and social media..."