Seabed Mining is an invasion of indigenous livelihoods

Image: Alliance of Solwara Warriors

Source: Caritas Papua New Guinea

Deep sea bed mining is the extraction of metals such as iron, manganese, copper, zinc, lead nickel, cadmium, silver, platinum gold and rare earths from the sea floor.

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Experimental seabed mining could have catastrophic climate impacts

Source: PNG Mine Watch

New research reveals experimental seabed mining could have a devastating impact on life forms that are "literally saving the planet” and preventing a “doomsday climatic event”.

The research lists experimental seabed mining as a major threat to ocean life that resides around hydrothermal vents and has been found to consume enormous quantities of methane that would otherwise enter the atmosphere.

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Karkar Island youth protest against seabed mining

The youths of Karkar Island have expressed their frustrations over experimental seabed mining after awareness was organised by Act Now! and conducted by Tropical Gems.

The young people said they also share the Bismarck sea and they don’t want to be used as a science lab by Canadian mining company Nautilus Minerals whose experimental seabed mine will be the first of its kind in the world.

Youth Leader, Smith Tunn, said:

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Jury still out on whether seabed mining is good for Pacific

Source: Radio NZ

The Pacific Community says it is still not clear whether the potential economic benefits of sea bed mining will outweigh the negative effects on the environment and on local livelihoods.

The comments come after the SPC's proposed legal and regulatory framework on sea bed mining was accused of neglecting indigenous and environmental safeguards.

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SPC-EU Framework needs safeguards

Source: PANG

Blue Ocean Law and Pacific Network on Globalisation Release Legal Analysis of SPC-EU Regional Legislative and Regulatory Framework –

Calls for Greater Indigenous and Environmental Safeguards

Regional partners Blue Ocean Law and PANG.

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Lutheran Church blasts PM on Seabed Mining

By PNG Loop, June 2014

The nation’s top Lutherans are calling on Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to stop the Canadian company which is planning to mine for valuable minerals in PNG waters.

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Video testimonies of 'forced' evictions by Nautilus

"They said the company (Nautilus) sent them, and if we don't sign then we'll loose our chances of getting the benefits from the project. We didn't agreed to this Experimental Seabed Mining to happen, what makes them think we'll agree to move away from our village that we've lived in for centuries?" said a Danu Village Clan Leader.

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