MEDIA RELEASE: 99% say PM not doing enough on corruption

Ninety-nine percent of people who voted in an on-line poll think the government is not doing enough to tackle corruption. The poll was conducted by ACT NOW!

Effrey Dademo, Program Manager, says, “the message to the Prime Minister and the government is clear. The people want to see much more action on corruption. That has to include prosecuting white collar criminals in the public service and those they conspire with”.

Somare Dangles the Political Lollies for the Pollies...

And they still don’t get it!
By The Insider
Last week the Prime Minister thanked Members of Parliament for support that came from both sides of the House during the passing of two Constitutional Laws – one for five new ministries, and the other to keep the 20 provincial seats.  

Resource Rage: Exxon-Mobil LNG project an impending disaster

How is it that a country as richly endowed with natural resources as Papua New Guinea with multinational mining companies flocking there like bees to a honey pot is actually going backwards when it comes to key social indicators such as wealth and life expectancy?

Well, in looking for answers to that imponderable, Dateline video journalist Amos Roberts travelled hundreds of kilometres into PNG's rugged highlands where the latest mega-project - the biggest in the history of that troubled nation - is under way. Here's Amos. 

MPs slackness an insult to Parliament

THE NATIONAL: PUPILS from the Salvation Army excitedly take their seats and have to be ushered in by several people.

They get a wave from NCD Governor Powes Parkop, and some wave back, happy a “big man” has recognised them. Parkop himself is standing deep in conversation with Member for Sumkar Ken Fairweather, who was first in the chamber but still late.

People deserve an apology for Chiefs 'longlong' comments

THE NATIONAL: People do rightly demand and they do deserve an apology from Prime Minister Michael Thomas Somare.

He must also retract the public outburst he made in Parliament where he described last week’s demonstrators as “longlongs” and to members of the media as “sadang”.

He, of all people, should never call any member of the PNG public “longlong” or “sadang”.
“Longlong” in Tok Pisin means mentally retarded or depraved while “sadang” means the devil or satan.

Minister Paul Tiensten must be suspended says Opposition

THE Opposition has called for the sidelining of Minister Paul Tiensten and an investigation into an allege K13 million fraud within the National Planning and Rural Development Department.

Deputy opposition leader Bart Philemon called on Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare to investigate the alleged K13 million fraud. The Opposition claims the money was siphoned out through ghost projects and contracts by private firms and individuals who colluded with the Department.

These are alleged to have included: