Massive misappropriation is why services are not reaching the people

By Paul Barker, Institute of National Affairs

THE Prime Minister wants departmental heads to explain why services are not reaching the people.

It is odd that he does not know the answer.

For many years, operating funds for recurrent goods and services and infrastructure maintenance, particularly at sub-national level, have been hacked back.

Brazil shows PNG the way forward on political corruption

Brazil is taking huge strides to wash away endemic corruption in politics with a groundbreaking new law referred to as Ficha Limpa – which means ‘clean slate’ in English.

The law will permanently bar anybody from running for any political office (in municipal, state or federal elections) who has any corruption charges or even allegations pending against them.

The law also bars candidates who have been expelled from any professional organisation.

Some thoughts on recovering stolen money

By Paul Oates1

ADDRESSING THE annual conference of the Institute of Internal Auditors inPort Moresby last Friday, PNG Ombudsman John Nero raised the prospect of recovering misappropriated funds.

Mr Nero said leadership tribunals should be empowered to order their restitution.

"As it is, a leader can steal millions of kina and is not be obligated to pay back even though found guilty by the tribunal," he told the conference.

PNG - after 35 years, looking for a captain

By Reginald Renagi (PNG Attitude)

SINCE INDEPENDENCE our political leadership has been found wanting.

The MP elected by parliament to become the CEO of PNG Inc represents the people as well as being head of government. As Prime Minister, he alone must take responsibility for the way our country’s national business is conducted.

Mining Minister outlines another government attack on democracy

Mining Minster, John Pundari, has announced in a Ministerial Statement (see below) he wants a government body set up to control NGOs and ensure they "work within a set policy framework" and "partner and complement the government".

This sinister declaration comes on the back of other government moves to limit free speech and close down democratic rights and freedoms, including

Government has done it again: Constitution breached for short-term gain

Professor John Nonggorr explains how the Prime Minister and Speaker have broken the law and shown their contempt for the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea

Sir Michael Somare’s Government has again broken PNG’s Constitution for temporary gain - to retain political power. The events that unfolded on the floor of the Parliament on July 21 were not only contrary to the Constitution but also a disgrace to parliamentary democracy.

A fishy affair - the cancer of corruption in the National Fisheries Authority

By Countryside

My dear grandmother died of thyroid cancer and it was ghastly.  Her tender body rapidly deteriorated and because the cancer had closed her mouth, the only way to feed her was to drill a hole through her stomach and for to breathe, another through her throat.  She had it bad and her odor was very strong, almost similar to putrification.  It was advanced and after 6 months, she went home to be with the lord. 

Video sheds light on Indonesian security forces abuses in Papua

From The Washington Post 

The jumpy video shows a prisoner lying in a jungle clearing in eastern Indonesia moments after troops allegedly sliced open his abdomen with a bayonet, sending intestines tumbling from his stomach.

Using the little life he has left in him, Yawen Wayeni lifts his arm into the air, and says weakly, "Freedom! Papua ... Freedom!"