PNG's Timber Barons: #4 - Vanimo Jaya Cluster

Vanimo Jaya Cluster (From"The New Timber Baron Report")

The fourth largest exporter of logs, the Vanimo Jaya Cluster, is made up of five logging companies operating in PNG: Vanimo Jaya Limited, VJ Holdings Limited, Border International Limited, Sentawan (PNG) Limited, and Mekar PNG Limited. All five companies exported logs between 2019-2021. The five companies exported nearly 750,000 m3 of logs over this period, with just over 300,000 of these coming from a single concession - Makapa in the Western province. 

other than the Makapa concession, companies linked to this cluster have exported logs from concessions in West Sepik, East Sepik, East New Britain, West New Britain, New Ireland, and Central Provinces. 

The group's other operations in PNG appear to include palm oil (Aitape West Palm Oil and Eco Palm Limited), timber processing, and shipping. 

Ngie Yung Lau is the largest shareholder in almost all the companies in the Vanimo Jaya group, and like all his fellow shareholders, his registered address is in Sarawak, Malaysia. 

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