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Politicians don't care about women says Dr Mola

Adapted from a story by ELIZABETH MIAE

POLITICIANS are to blame for the poor state of Papua New Guinea’s maternal health, says prominent gynecologist, Dr Glen Mola. 

“Five women die daily, but the Government ignores the problem. Women are not important as far as politicians are concerned. Women can just die when having their babies, em samting nating (it’s nothing). Is that what politicians think? That women are disposable?” he says.

Ramu mine injunction reflects a more general failure to follow our National Goals

The National Court sitting in Madang last week refused to lift an injunction preventing the Chinese Metallurgical Construction Company (MCC) from constructing a marine tailings disposal system for its Ramu nickel mine.

The Ramu nickel mine is just one of several large mining projects under construction in Papua New Guinea and is the first major Chinese investment in the country.

PNG caught in a self perpetuating cycle of violence

The people of Papua New Guinea are caught in a self-perpetuating cycle of violence, says Medicine Sans Frontiers.

The rapid development the country has experienced over the past year has had the unintended consequence of aggravating existing tensions. For the most part, it is women and children who bear the brunt of this, suffering rape and other terrible forms of violence—some of it carried out by family members—that create an urgent need for both medical care and psychosocial support.

CRUDE: A stunning documentary with important lessons for PNG

A recent video documentary called CRUDE is all about the Ecuadorian Amazonians and their 10 year fight against Chevron Texaco for polluting their land.

Pablo Farcado, the 2009 Goldman prize winner, was not a lawyer when he commenced legal proceedings on behalf of his Ecuadorian Amazonian people...

Don't allow cynicism to defeat you - together we can make a difference

There is a new power in Papua New Guinea that if awakened CAN change the direction of our country. That power is ourselves, the new middle class of educated people.

There are two keys to awakening our consciousness and allowing us to realize our potential.

One is connecting each of us with like minded people - and that is the role of ACT NOW!

The second is not allowing ourselves to be blinded by cynicism.

Now is exactly the time that we need thousands of people to make their voice heard and their actions count - and to stay involved for the long term.