Court warns landowners against land hijacking

Source: The National

A NATIONAL court judge has cautioned landowners to be wary of land hijacking.

Stephen Oli highlighted this during a court user forum in Kokopo last Friday.

He said with due respect, the Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABL) were a hotspot for corruption.

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SABL concepts and ILG "unreliable"

Source: The National

THE concepts of Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABL) and incorporated land groups (ILGs) are unreliable and should not be used for land reforms, an advocate said. 

Director for Communal Land Development Dr Onne Rageau urged the National Land Development Programme and the government to instead engage customary law in land reforms. 

He said the incorporated land group concept was confusing and a major impediment to customary land development. 

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What should development mean in Papua New Guinea?

By Rosa Koain

THE Western concept of economic development is about one person taking control of an activity and pulling all the rest in to work for him. The Melanesian concept of the same development is about sharing and participating equally and openly.

Despite the many lessons from different parts of the world, the concept of development that PNG is adopting is breaking up communities. The many conflicts arising as a result are indications of an economy breaking down. 

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