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Case Study: REDD+ overshadowed by SABLs

By Joy Kiselpa in Durban, South Africa

A case study on land grab and deforestation in PNG was launched today (Wednesday), by the Accra Caucus on Forest and Climate Change. The study carried out by the PNG Eco Forestry Forum, highlights logging through SABLs are main drivers for deforestation in PNG, while REDD+ is expected to protect the forest and environment

No land investigation reports for Purari SABL

Since the commencement of the Commission of Inquiry (“the Commission”) into the granting of the Special Purpose Agriculture and Business Lease (“SABL”) a number of anomalies have become apparent, one of which has concerned the Land Investigation Report (“LIR”). An SABL cannot be granted unless an investigation is carried out on the parcel of land for which the SABL is sought. The LIR is an important pre-requisite for the granting of the SABL.

Commission of Inquiry on SABL commences in Kiunga, Western Province

The PNG Government sanctioned Commission of Inquiry (CoI) hearing into the issuance of the Special Purpose Agriculture and Business Lease (SABL) commenced in Kiunga, Western Province on Wednesday, 16/11/2011.

The inquiry, which was supposed to have started on Monday (14/11/2011), was delayed due to Air Niugini not able to fly all the equipment and staff of the Inquiry into Kiunga on time. The hearing is being presided over by Commissioner Mr. Mirou.

Sir Julius calls on current Government to fast track and support Inquiry into SABL's

By Roderick Kanama

New Ireland Governor and Former Prime Minister Sir Julius Chan has described the Special Agriculture Business Leases ( SABL’s) Commission of Inquiry’s findings that the National Planning Department had “misplaced” documentation for 31 of the 74 total SABL’s granted so far, as convenient with progress as non-existent since the establishment of the COI on May the 6th  2011.

East New Britian Provincial Government should have done more, says Pomio Landowner

By Belinda Kora, PNGFM news

Serious allegations of biased dealings have been raised by Pomio Landowner representative, Norbert Pames, against the East New Britain Provincial Government and the Pomio District Administrator, Mr Pomaleu Lagisan, on its lack of action and concern over the land grabs that is currently occurring in the Pomio District.