Campaign Launch: Photo Diary

ACT NOW! launched its new camapign, titled 'Celebrating and Defending Customary Land', on April 17 in Port Moresby.

More than 30 people attended the launch event, including representatives from ten different media outlets and various civil society groups.

Camera crews set up their recording equipment

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What is Development?

This essay is part of a presentation made by Eddie Tanago for ACT NOW! at this week's Youth Smart Workshop organised by the Youth Against Corruption Association. The photo above shows some of the workshop participants.

What is development?

To answer this question we must understand our background/our history/our roots! Who we were as a country and region, in the past, how changes occurred and why they occurred.

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LO company appeals for respect

Source: Post Courier

Locals in the Bewani/Wutung LLG area of West Sepik Province are appealing or respect from a foreign company that was contracted to utilize their land.

The Bewani Palm Oil Development, a landowner company representing the 124 ILGs, claim that a Malaysian contractor, whose sublease was terminated last October, has not compiled with landowners' orders to move out.

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Vanuatu chiefs hesitant to approve deep sea mining

Source: Radio New Zealand

                                                                  Picture: Sampling Copper under the sea

Vanuatu's National Council of Chiefs, Malfatumauri, will not take a position on deep sea mining until after villages around the country have been consulted by the Government.

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A house divided within itself cannot stand

Source: Special Correspondent in Bougainville

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Conference reaffirms Pacific Identity

Source: The National

People gathered at the Divine Word University in Madang last week to discuss the importance of restoring Pacific identity.

The gathering coincided with a celebration dance, that signified a protest against western influence of exploiting land and sea resources in the Pacific. .

In attendance were artists, musicians, chiefs, academics, clergy, activists, youth and civil society representatives.

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Warning Sounded on Chinese Threat to the Pacific

A warning has been sounded in Madang, Papua New Guinea on the Chinese threat to the Pacific

Source: Tonga Daily News

Madang, Papua New Guinea: 9am (PCC/NETANI RIKA):Regional governments must seriously address China’s attempts to control fishing, timber, animal and mineral resources.

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Wok turism bai helpim PNG ikonomi winim mining


Source: ABC Radio Australia

Wok blong turisam inap bringim planti moa moni long strongim ikonomi blong Papua New Guinea winim ol wok mining, oil na gas.

Despla em toktok blong Executive direkta blong Institute of National Affairs long Port Moresby Paul Barker.

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WCB Resources announces anticipated arrival of drill rig on Misima Island

Source: WCB Resources Ltd | Market Watch

WCB is pleased to announce that logistical arrangements have been confirmed with the barge carrying the drill rig, support equipment and additional supplies for the previously announced Misima Porphyry Drill Program. The barge is set to depart the city of Lae on August 26, 2014 and is expected to take approximately 5 days to travel to Misima. Drilling is expected to commence approximately 7 days after the arrival of the drill rig on Misima.

About Misima Porphyry Prospect

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Say NO to seabed mining

Source: The National

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