A Better Model of Development

Resource extraction, foreign ownership and unrestrained capitalism are promoted as a model of development but provide very little benefit for ordinary people.

PNG's Constitution lays out a very different people-focused model based on self-sufficiency, sustainability, equality, participation, national sovereignty and integral human development.

ACT NOW! is urging the government to refocus its model so it reflects these principles.

A Better Model of Development


The Constitution

The government's current model of development ignores the spirit and intention of the Constitution and drives a bulldozer through our National Goals

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Land grabbing

Both the SABL land grab and the growing number of violent urban evictions in Papua New Guines are the symptoms of a misguided and destructive model of development.

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Large-scale mining

Vast quantities of gold, silver and copper exported overseas have not translated into meaningful development for ordinary people. Instead they suffer the serious negative impacts

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Illegal logging

Illegal and unsustainable logging by foreign companies is widespread but despite the devastating impacts the government does nothing to stop it

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Campaign Updates

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