SABL Land Grab

More than 5 million hectares of land has been stolen from traditional owners using fraudulent agriculture leases.
A Commission of Inquiry has recommended the leases be revoked and land returned to local people but the government has failed to take action.
ACT NOW! is campaigning for the land to be returned and the logging stopped.


Broken promises

Since 2013 the government has been promising to cancel the leases but no action has been taken

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Official inquiry

A Commission of Inquiry has investigated the SABL land grab and concluded the leases are invalid

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No consent

Customary landowners have not given their consent to the use of their land

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No due process

Laws and proper processes were not followed in issuing the leases

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Campaign Updates

Plenty more work needed to address SABL injustices
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An Open Letter to Lands Minister Benny Allen on SABL
The Prime Minister says all the SABLs are illegal