ACT NOW! is an on-line community of people who believe we can build a better Papua New Guinea.

A country where everyone is treated as equal, where government services meet the people's needs and we make wise use of our natural resources.

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Fraudulent agricultural leases have been used to steal over 5 million hecatres of forest from customary owners - over 10% of PNG's total land area.

When will our government act on the Commission of Inquiry report, revoke the leases and stop the logging?

Our current model of development is one imposed from outside and it does not respect our Constitution and National Goals. Unrestrained capitalism is leading to violence, environmental destruction, land alienation and loss of our culture. It is time for us to reclaim the agenda

Foreign interests want to again use the Pacific as a testing ground, this time for seabed mining.

ACT NOW! and other groups across the Pacific are campaigning against the proposals

Widespread stealing of public funds denies ordinary people access to basic services.

The government has promised an Independent Commission Against Corruption… but promises do not stop the stealing and the Finance Inquiry recommendations have never been implemented...


Photo: Oxfam / Jerry Galea