Commission of Inquiry

SABL Commission of Inquiry Transcripts - August 2011

John Numapo (Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the Special Purpose Agriculture and Business Leases) has said in an interview with Radio Australia that the Final Commission of Inquiry report is almost ready to be released. The report with the recommendations will be handed to whoever is the Prime Minister after the current elections, he says.

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Inquiry Reveals Shady SABL Deals

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Commission to declare land grab leases void: Namorong

Martyn Namorong* 

There are strong indications that several Land Grab Leases will be declared void by the Commission of Inquiry into Special Purpose Agriculture Business Leases, due to discreptencies in the process of land acquisition.

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Inquiry: Ferry probe starts within 10 days


The National, Monday 19th March 2012

THE Commission of Inquiry into the sinking of passenger ferry mv Rabaul Queen is likely to get under way in the next 10 days now that its funding has been confirmed.

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Oro landowners unaware of SABL leases

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No site visit before lease issued for Ramu SABL

A Filipino national who is acting as a consultant for a Malaysian logging company operating in the Ramu has told the SABL Commission of inquiry that no site visit was done before a Special Agriculture Business Lease (SABL) was granted.

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Stopping the land theft in the Ramu

Melchior Warre, a Papagraun (customary landowner) from Papua New Guinea's Madang Province, is attending a commission of inquiry investigation hearing into the use of Special Agriculture Leases (SABLs).

In this video clip Mel says why his Ramu People are against 99-year Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABL). 

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The long fight to regain land lost to SABLs has only just begun

By Martyn Namorong

Special Purpose Agriculture Business Leases (SABLs) are granted under sections 11 and 102 of the Land Act 1996. In other words these sections of the Land Act enable the conversion of customary land into SABLs.

The process by which that happens is roughly as follows.

An application is made by the landowners to the Lands Department in Port Moresby, for their land to be taken up under an SABL.

A Land Investigation Number is then given by the Land Department in Port Moresby.

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Web of lies revealed as Sepik SABL hearings end

Martyn Namorong

The Commission of Inquiry into Special Purpose Agriculture business leases ended its hearings in Wewak yesterday. It heard further evidence related to Portion 144C, Sepik Oil Palm – Turubu SABL.

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