Commission of Inquiry

Reminder of earlier findings of fraud and incompetence in Dept of Lands

While the Commission of Inquiry into Special Agriculture and Business Leases continues, revealing the layers of corruption and incompetence in the allocation of the 99-year SAB leases, the PNGExposed blog has republished the findings of an earlier Commission of Inquiry which reported in 2009 the Department of Lands was corrupt and incompetent. Its recommendations for a full Commission of Inquiry into DoL were ignored….

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East Sepik people want four SABLs revoked

By Jimmy Kalebe

Landowners in the four Special Agriculture Business Lease (SABL) in East Sepik yesterday called on the provincial and National Government to revoke all SABL in the province, report the Post Courier.

In a petition drafted over the weekend by landowners from Turubu and Sausso Local Level Government and Nungwaia/Bongos, the people demanded that their land under SABL be returned to them.

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Papa SABL land report is illegal: Renagi

The Commission of Inquiry into the Special Agriculture Business Leases heard that an officer from the Department of Lands and Physical Planning illegally carried out a Land Investigation Report (LIR) on more than one thousand hectares of land which is the subject of the inquiry, reports the Post Courier.

The CoI also heard that he had conspired with another Lands officer in carrying out the LIR that covers 1058 hectares of land in portion 2485 C of Iarogala 1 and 2 in Papa Village of Central Province.

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Post Courier: Lands Officer 'speaks'

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Oro SABL hearings put off

By Luana Paniu

The Special Purpose Agriculture and Business Lease (SPABL) Inquiry scheduled to be heard in Popondetta has been deferred. This is due to bridges washed away by last week’s floods damage.

The Girua bridge, which links Oro Bay to Popondetta town was washed away in 2007 by flood waters of Cyclone Guba disaster and since then, people had resorted to using the Girua crossing into Popondetta.

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No land investigation reports for Purari SABL

Since the commencement of the Commission of Inquiry (“the Commission”) into the granting of the Special Purpose Agriculture and Business Lease (“SABL”) a number of anomalies have become apparent, one of which has concerned the Land Investigation Report (“LIR”). An SABL cannot be granted unless an investigation is carried out on the parcel of land for which the SABL is sought. The LIR is an important pre-requisite for the granting of the SABL.

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SABL probe astounded by evidence

By Luana Paniu

One man and his daughter are the sole shareholders of a Gulf Province landowner company that holds vast tracts of forests purportedly on behalf of their clansmen, reports the Post Courier.

The SABL Commission of Inquiry was further astounded to learn the two-person company does not have any existing files with the Department of Lands and Physical Planning under the Special Purpose Agriculture and Business Leases.

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SABL hearings for Gulf Province begin in Port Moresby

The Commission of Inquiry (“the Commission”) into the issuance of the Special Purpose Agriculture and Business Leases (SABL) for the Gulf Province began in Port Moresby today (Monday 28/11/2011).

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Logistics woes for Kerema CoI hearings

Lawyer Alois Jerewai is familiar with the buzz of mosquitoes and the sweet aroma and taste of ‘saksak’, the staple of every sago loving ‘saki’ in PNG, reports the Post Courier.

Mr Jerewai, from Sepik, has also heard that famous folksy ‘saki’ tune made famous by the Hollie Maea band many times.

So when it finally lured him to Kerema, the little ‘yu yet kam na lukim’ river port west of Port Moresby, Mr Jerewai thought the Gulf provincial capital deserves better.

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