Commission of Inquiry

Reports on land leases reveal corruption: PM O’Neill

Source: Post Courier

Papua New Guinea's Commission of Inquiry (COI) report into the special agriculture business leases has revealed a shocking trend of mismanagement and corruption in all stages of the process.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, who presented the report to Parliament  this week, said it was very disappointing that the COI was asked to examine 75 Special Agricultural Business Leases (SABLs) but the final report examined only 42.

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Cut backs likely in PNG’s Special Agricultural Business Leases

Source: Radio New Zealand

Papua New Guinea’s Minister of Lands and Physical Planning Benny Allen says the government is looking at reducing the size of the Special Agricultural Business Leases.

The Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has signalled he is about to table in parliament the long-awaited report by the Commission of Inquiry into the SABL system.

Mr Allen says the leases - some of which covered up to a million hectares - were problematic because their size meant various issues where multiple landowner groups were involved.

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PM to table SABL report

Source: The National

THE report of the special agriculture and business lease (SABL) will be tabled today, although it is not to the expectation of the cabinet, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill told Parliament yesterday.

O’Neill said that he only received two of the expected three reports from the commissioners.

He said despite that the cabinet had decided to table the final report as the country had been expecting it since last year.

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Commissioners hit back at criticisms

By Jacob Pok, Post Courier

THE Prime Minister, his Ministers and all MPs with political privileges cannot comment on any commission of inquiry (CoI) report unless it is officially tabled in parliament and made public. 

That’s the official position of the three commissioners heading the CoI into the Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABLs).

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Hungarian Parliament Amends its Constitution to Protect Landownership

Source: UPI | 21 December 2012

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SABL Report to be Presented Soon

Source: The National

AN interim report on the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABL) will be presented to cabinet and the prime minister at the end of this month, a lawyer said. Alois Jerewai, one of the three commissioners inquiring into SABLs, said yesterday in a statement that the final report was expected to be released a few weeks after the interim report.

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PNG Commission Told of Land Thefts

by Jemima Garrett

Millions of hectares of customary land in Papua New Guinea has been stolen as a result of agricultural and business leases approved by the government, a report by Greenpeace has found.

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SABL Commission of Inquiry Transcripts - February 2012

John Numapo (Chairman of the Commission of Inquiry into the Special Purpose Agriculture and Business Leases) has said in an interview with Radio Australia that the Final Commission of Inquiry report is almost ready to be released. The report with the recommendations will be handed to whoever is the Prime Minister after the current elections, he says.

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