Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABL)

Bewani ILG Chairmen 'assaulted and forced to sign SABL agreements'

“Our houses were torn down, and we were beaten and threatened to cooperate with the company’s demands. Our MP Beldan Namah initiated the project, and so was leading in all that.”

That’s from Jack Luke, an Incorporated Land Group (ILG) Chairman from the Bewani Oil Palm Plantation in the West Sepik (Sandaun) Province.

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Police and army accused of serving SABL loggers

Peter Tai is the Chief of Aimbai village, one of 26 villages in Bewani, West Sepik Province. Just like the other people Act Now! met in Bewani, Chief Peter had no knowledge that Malaysian logging companies would be taking over their land, until they arrived.

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National Court rules another two SABLs null & void

Source: PNGi Central

The National Court has ruled a further two Special Agriculture and Business Leases null and void for constructive fraud.

David Mota -V- Albert Camillus and Akami Oil Palm Limited (2014) is the sixth reported National Court decision* in which SABL leases have been quashed for a failure by the State to ensure the informed consent of customary landowners and to strictly comply with the requirements of the Land Act.

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More hopeless excuses from the government on SABL

Source: PNG Exposed Blog

We have been waiting two-and-a-half years for the government to cancel the unlawful SABL leases and stop the illegal logging, but they are still making excuses and doing nothing!

Latest to try and explain away the delays is Logging Minister, Douglas Tomuriesa [see story below]. He says 30 months is not a long time to take to implement the findings of the Commission of Inquiry and the government has not been dragging its heels!

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Media Release: ACT NOW! welcomes announcement of APEC forestry meeting in Port Moresby

Community advocacy group ACT NOW! welcomes the government’s announcement it will be hosting the Third APEC Meeting of Forestry Ministers in Port Moresby in October.

“This is the first APEC Ministers meeting to be held in Papua New Guinea and will be an excellent opportunity to remind the region of our government’s terrible record on the SABL land grab and illegal logging” says ACT NOW! Campaign Coordinator, Eddie Tanago.

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PNG gavman inot tingting bikpela long lukautim peles: Ken Mondiai

Picture: Logging i bagarapim wara long Inaina Wildlife management Area long Kairuku Hiri District long Central province (PWM Photo)

Source: ABC Radio Australia

Direkta blong dispela NGO grup Partners With Melanesians, Ken Mondiai i sutim strongpela toktok long PNG gavman na ol agensi blongen i nating putim strongpela tingting long konsevesen wok long kantri.


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Sandaun wants license

Source: The National

The West Sepik provincial government is seeking a licence from the Government to export logs.

Acting Governor Paul Negai told Forest Minister Douglas Tomuriesa and PNG Forest Authority managing director Kanawi Pouru during their visit to the province on Monday that West Sepik wanted to export its own logs.

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Advocate: Know your land rights

Source: The National

Issues of illegal land dealings in the country  can be minimised or totally avoided if citizens know their customary land rights, an advocate says.

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Juffa: Land grabbing a major problem

Source: Post Courier

ILLEGAL land grabbing has been a major problem for Papua New Guineans both in the urban and rural areas, Oro Governor Garry Juffa said to the Bagasin people in the Collingwood Bay area of Oro Province.

In a visit to the Uiako village where he launched a TV dish for the local primary school and the community last Friday, Mr Juffa assured the people that no one would take their land away from them.

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Landowner: New trend evolving

Source: Melissa Martin, Post Courier

SPECIAL agriculture businesses lease (SABL) titles found to be defective by a Commission of Inquiry are mutating into a new scam.

According to landowners, there are early signs that a new trend of mutation is starting to take shape on defective SABLs, and as such they (landowners) have alerted the public to prevent this trend from taking root.

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