Advocate: Know your land rights

Source: The National

Issues of illegal land dealings in the country  can be minimised or totally avoided if citizens know their customary land rights, an advocate says.

Communal Land Development Limited director Dr Onne Rageau said foreign concepts such as the Integrated Land Groups and Special Agriculture Business Leases were unconstitutional and not consistent with the development of customary lands. He said customary landowners were marginalised when it came to benefit sharing and developments.

Therefore, the Government and agencies must stop pushing for these foreign concepts rather uphold and strengthen the customary land law.

“The Under-Lying Law Act 2000 remains undefined and undeveloped and due to this. Customary law relating to customary land remains undeveloped,” Rageau said.

He said because of this, the Communal Land Development Ltd inspired by the growing population of 7.5 million people and its growing need to address land issues developed in 2007 the customary land law from the Under-Lying Law Act 2000.

“The company’s vision is for progressive SME growth towards PNG Vision 2050 and beyond with the mission for customary landowners to take the lead on land development towards peace, security and a prosperous nation,” Rageau said.