Maprik district tells PM to cancel illegal SABL leases

Villages in the Maprik Distrcit of East Sepik are opposed to the SABL land grab and want the Prime Minister to cancel the illegal leases.

The people of the area are mostly subsistence farmers and alluvial miners.

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PATHETIC: Govt response on SABL offers nothing

Photo: The Chief Secretary is fumbling to explain why the government has done nothing for 28 months…

Source: PNG Exposed

What a difference five days can make!

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Government announcement on SABL just more excuses and delays

The Chief Secretary has announced the government has a new way forward on implementing the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry into the Special Agriculture and Business Lease land grab.

But ACT NOW! says the government's statement lacks any substance and is just the latest in a long series of excuses and delays.

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Ol papa graun imas rausim SABL: Gary Juffa

Logging i bagarapim wara long Inaina Wildlife management Area long Kairiku Hiri District long CentralProvince (PWM Photo) 

Source: ABC Radio Australia - Caroline Tiriman

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New Lands Secretary must cancel SABL leases

ACT NOW! has welcomed the suspension of Lands Secretary Romily Kila Pat but says his replacement, Luther Sipison, must act immediately to cancel the unlawful SABL leases.

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SABLs endure in PNG, says Juffa

Source: Radio New Zealand

The governor of Papua New Guinea's Oro province, Gary Juffa, says illegal logging and deforestation continue under the Special Agriculture and Business Lease system.

The leases, commonly known as SABLs, have been consistently criticised as being a front for land grabbing.

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Lands Secretary suspended but corruption still remains

Source: PNG Exposed

Secretary for Lands Romily Kila-Pat has finally been suspended – you can read some of the newspaper coverage from last week below – but the corruption in the Lands Department has yet to be properly addressed.

Kila-Pat, like his predecessor Pepi Kimas, has overseen numerous illegal lands deals and was infamously involved in many of the unlawful SABL leases – but the corruption in the Lands Department runs far deeper and two important questions need answering:

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Aitape Lumi villages send message of opposition to SABL land grab to PM

Vilages in the Aitape Lumi District of West Sepik are sending a message to the Prime Minister they want the SABL land grab reversed and the leases cancelled.

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SABL postcard signing in East Sepik

SABL awareness continues on to the East Sepik Province. More and more people, mostly women and children are signing SABL postcards addressed to the Prime Minister calling for an end to the land grab. Signing has been ongoing in the West Coast area of Araimi, Kotai, Dogur and Makopin villagers.

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Come celebrate 40years at the Goroka Show, EHP

The Goroka Show is on again this weekend, 11th to 13th September 2015, at the National Sports Institute (NSI), and this year celebrating 40years of Papua New Guinea Independence.

ACTNOW! will be putting up a stall giving away show bags, information on the Special Agricultural Business Leases (SABL), Experimental Seabed Mining, the Model of Development and more. 

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