Timber Heist featured on EMTV news

Source: EMTV online

The Oakland Institute report on The Great Timber Heist: The Logging Industry in Papua New Guinea, exposes massive tax evassion and financial misreporting by foreign logging companies, allegedly resulting in non-payment of hundreads of millions of dollars in taxes.


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Unlawful SABL being used in money scam

Source: PNG Exposed

A Malaysian owned business registered in the United States is trying to raise $500,000 via the internet using the promise of profits to be made in logging an illegally issued SABL in Central Province.

MAS Project Management claims it has 'acquired' the 42,150 hectares of land known as Portion 29C which it will use for logging under an agreement with Baina Agro Forestry Limited.

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Converting the SABL leases will compound the injustice

Landowners protesting against the Special Agricultural Business Leases (SABL). Picture courtesy of M. Namarong

The government of Papua New Guinea is threatening to endorse a huge and unlawful land grab by converting illegally acquired leases into registered land.

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Post Courier: Stop work on loggers right move

Stop work notice highlights government inaction on SABL

Source: Post Courier Editorial

THE Government finally acted yesterday on a case that has been at the centre of illegal logging allegations.

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Activists issues warning about PNG forests

An environmental and social activist says the governments of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia cannot claim to be serious about climate change impacts when they continue to allow rampant forest clearance across New Guinea.

Source: Radio New Zealand

An environmental and social activist says the destruction wrought upon New Guinea's forests by the logging industry typifies the way so-called development works in PNG.

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PNG in no rush to crack down on Asian logging giants

PHOTO: Local landowners in Bewani, north-west PNG, inspect the damage from logging to one of their creeks. (ABC: Eric Tlozek)

By Eric Tlozek, ABC News

Papua New Guinea's government has indicated it will allow intensive logging under the pretext of agricultural development to continue.

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PNG's poor Forest Minister twenty-five years out of date

Forest Minister Douglas Tomuriesa seems to be living in the past and to be unaware of all the current problems in the forestry sector in PNG

The Minister has gone public, see below, claiming all the issues of illegal and unsustainable logging in PNG have been dealt with starting in 1991 with the passing of the Forestry Act and establishment of the PNG Forest Authority.

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Norway learns more about the importance of PNG forests and current threats

ACT NOW!'s founder and Program Manager, Effrey Dademo, was in Norway last week to speak on a Norwegian television about the importance of land and forests in Papua New Guinea. She also spoke about the current threats from land grabbing and illegal and unsustainable logging and how ACT NOW is empowering grassroots leaders to disseminate the information required to empower local people to defend their land and resources.

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APEC forest ministers urged to press PNG government to act on land grabbing and illegal logging

APEC Forest Ministers are being urged to question the PNG government about widespread land grabbing and illegal and unsustainable logging and press for action when they meet in Port Moresby next week

Community advocacy group ACT NOW! has written to sixteen APEC Forest Ministers explaining the history of the SABL land grab and the continuing problems of illegal and unsustainable logging in PNG.

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