illegal logging. land grab

Pomio locals mobilise to stop logging giant

Photo shows an earlier (December 2016) protest by people in Pomata against logging

Malaysian logging giant Rimbunan Hijau (RH) is continuing it's efforts to log in the Pomata SABL area in the Pomio District. Local people say this is despite a court decision ordering all logging operations to stop pending the outcome of a court challenge to the logging permit. 

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Governor, landowners of PNG rainforests feel unrepresented at summit

Source: Radio Australia

Several Papua New Guineans who travelled to Australia for the Asia-Pacific Rainforest Summit say little attention was paid to PNG or the Pacific.

The Summit is billed as a get-together of ministers from forest nations, donor countries, corporate leaders and NGOs with a focus on practical action to reduce forest loss.

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UK report' highlights PM's failure to act on SABL land grab

The Prime Ministers failure to implement the SABL Commission of Inquiry recommendations and revoke the unlawful SABL leases and stop the illegal logging has again been put into the spotlight, this time by a new report on illegal logging in PNG from the influential Chatham House group in the United Kingdom.

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Loggers plan to clear 20 percent of tropical island paradise

By Jeremy Hance at 

Rainforest tree on Woodlark Island. Photo by: Simon Piyuwes.

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