While the political squabbling never ends the poor continue to suffer

By Simon Merton

Whilst the political squabbling continues,............ the poor continue to suffer without complaint day by day. 

Children in the city carry water up mountains to their settlement homes every afternoon, children in the village gather around their bubu's transistor radio and wonder and dream about going to the big city one day, no doubt they will surly be dissapointed when that day comes. 

Mothers pray that their children wont get sick because the aid post is 3 days walk away and doesnt have any medicine anyway. 

Fathers are working far far away from home in logging camps that they cant escape from because all their pay is retained to cover last fortnights "dinaus" to the company. 

Clans wonder where they will plant next years taro and banana crop as the money is now gone and where they used to clear and plant is now planted with oil palm belonging to some forgien owned company. 

The men from the same clan wonder where they will hunt for some fresh meat now all the Kapuls, Magani's and wild pigs have moved on and given way to the rats that live off the oil palm. 

Malnourished children roam the streets of downtown Port Moresby, begging motorists for coins whilst the adults responsible for these children sit and watch close by collecting the funds raised. 

Raw Sewrege continues to flow past 6 mile market onto 6 mile clinic. 

Bridges, roads and simple pathways are been destroyd by floods and there is no-funds to fix them, mountains are collapsing on entire villages because no safety contingincys were put in place to prevent either people from residing directly underneath a quarry or prevent a quarry from been put directly above where people reside. 

Unclaimed bodies fill up our morgues because of the stigma atatched to dying from HIV. 

Children are forced into prostitution by the very people sopposed to protect them.

Cheap marijuanna and steam have totally detroyed our youth whou have absolutly no understanding of pride any more as they have nothing to be proud of. 

Whilst all the squabbling continues, the mere fabric of our society is been torn to shreads our people are suffering more than they ever have before............ 

Mean while all the Lawyers get richer and richer and the poor get the picture... 

God Bless Papua New Guinea.