Landowners petition to stop logging in Turubu and Sausso LLGs

More than 230 leaders and other clan members from the Ibab, Tring Wau, Kamasau and Murai villages in the Turubu and Sausso LLG areas of East Sepik say they are opposing any further and logging activities in their forests. They are petitioning all appropriate authorities to completely stop what they say is continuous illegal logging activity on their land. 

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PNG hosts APEC on illicit timber while allowing illegal logging

IMAGE: Map showing new logging roads and tree cover loss in 2017

SOURCE: Global Witness

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Another SABL falls - this time in East Sepik

Court upholds SABL ruling

Source: Daphne Wani in The National (owned by logging company Rimbunan Hijau)

THE Supreme Court has upheld a lower court’s decision of 2014 despite a judicial review application by Sepik Oil Palm Plantation Ltd over a Special Agricultural and Business Lease (SABL).

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Limawo Holding statement on Turubu SABL highly misleading

Limawo Holdings Limited has issued a highly misleading press statement [see pdf file attached below] on its legal challenge to a government decision to cancel the Special Purpose Agriculture and Business  Lease over Section 144C in East Sepik Province.

Limawo Holdings owns a minority of the shares in Sepik Oil Palm Plantation Ltd, the holder of the  SABL lease.

Limawo Holdings statement is highly misleading in three respects. 

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Landowners call for transparency and fairness after SABL experience

Turubu villagers attending a landowner forum conducted last Friday. Photo by Jimmy Kalebe


Majority of the landowners along the Turubu East Coast in Wewak last week Friday declared to support developments that satisfy all requirements of establishment.

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FPIC and REDD awareness got interests from local communities in Turubu LLG

Source:  Jimmy Kalebe

An awareness campaign was conducted last week covering the coastal villages of Turubu in East Sepik Province.

The awareness that covered 21 villages mainly looked at Free, Prior, Informed Consent (FPIC) and Reduce Emission from land Degradation and Deforestation (REDD) was well received and drew much interests from participating communities.

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PNG landowners look ahead after SABL order

Photo Credit: Greenpeace

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Customary Landowners interested in timber processing on SABL debated land

With all the hype happening around SABL, are we sure land owners are driven to timber processing projects? Could this be another SABL scheme on SABL debated land? It is important we know what we are inexpensively signing before everyone pays the hefty price of recouping one mans mistake. 

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Cancellation of flawed Papua New Guinea land leases halted

The cancellation of controversial flawed land leases in Papua New Guinea has been halted, leaving traditional landowners unsure of when they will get their land back.

Source: ABC Australia

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logging & oil palm operations in Tring village of Turubu in East Sepik Province: destructive and illegal

Source: Jimmy Kalebe

The latest logging and oil palm operations in Tring village of Turubu in East Sepik Province were claimed by landowners as destructive, unbeneficial and illegal.

The claims come after proper procedures were not followed, no real benefits shared among landowners and consent was not sought through the immediate landowners before trespassing into customary land by the logging company.

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