SABL Commission of Inquiry

Pomio locals mobilise to stop logging giant

Photo shows an earlier (December 2016) protest by people in Pomata against logging

Malaysian logging giant Rimbunan Hijau (RH) is continuing it's efforts to log in the Pomata SABL area in the Pomio District. Local people say this is despite a court decision ordering all logging operations to stop pending the outcome of a court challenge to the logging permit. 

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More hopeless excuses from the government on SABL

Source: PNG Exposed Blog

We have been waiting two-and-a-half years for the government to cancel the unlawful SABL leases and stop the illegal logging, but they are still making excuses and doing nothing!

Latest to try and explain away the delays is Logging Minister, Douglas Tomuriesa [see story below]. He says 30 months is not a long time to take to implement the findings of the Commission of Inquiry and the government has not been dragging its heels!

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Unlawful SABL being used in money scam

Source: PNG Exposed

A Malaysian owned business registered in the United States is trying to raise $500,000 via the internet using the promise of profits to be made in logging an illegally issued SABL in Central Province.

MAS Project Management claims it has 'acquired' the 42,150 hectares of land known as Portion 29C which it will use for logging under an agreement with Baina Agro Forestry Limited.

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Converting the SABL leases will compound the injustice

Landowners protesting against the Special Agricultural Business Leases (SABL). Picture courtesy of M. Namarong

The government of Papua New Guinea is threatening to endorse a huge and unlawful land grab by converting illegally acquired leases into registered land.

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Lawrence Kalinoe's astonishing defence of the unlawful SABL land grab rewrites history and ignores the law

Picture: Secretary for Justice, Lawrence Kalinoe. Photo courtesy of

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Which way Big man? – Are we passing the buck?

Photo credit: Greenpeace

Today’s PNGFM Maus Wara Show - SABL

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Landowners celebrate victory over SABL portion 144c

By: Eddie Tanago and Jimmy Kalebe

TURUBU AND SAUSSO landowners in East Sepik Province have celebrated over the weekend after the National Executive Council and national court decision that nullified portion 144c.

More than 1500 landowner representatives gathered in a peaceful celebration last Saturday in Wewak to inform the authorities, company officials and other landowners that portion 144c is now revoked.

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Sumkar District says Stop the Illegal Logging and return Our Land

Madang Landowners are calling on the National Government to be faithful to their word by cancelling all illegal SABL leases, stop all illegal logging AND return the land to its customary owners.

Over 5 million hectares of customary land in Papua New Guinea has been stolen from local people over a period of time. Using Special Agriculture and Business Leases (SABLs), foreign companies were unlawfully been given 99 year-rights to own the land mass.

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Govt gives SABL title holders

Source: Post- Courier

THE title holders of the 29 revoked special agriculture and business leases (SABL) have 14 days to hand in their original title copies, says the secretary of the department of lands and physical planning.

Secretary Romilly Kila Pat said that the department was given directives by the national executive council (NEC) as per their decision 184/2014 approving to revoke all SABLs recommended by the Commission of Inquiry (COI).

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Source: EMTV

The Lands Department will be cancelling 25 SABLs as recommended by the Commission of Inquiry.

Secretary for the department Romily Kila Pat says notices will be placed in the two major papers come Monday.

At this stage, the department is currently updating addresses for cancellation. The Lands Department has comfortably moved into its’ new premises called ‘Eda Tano’ or ‘our land.’

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