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Rise UP! forum featured on EMTV news





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Community leaders meet on lack of development and plan for 2017

Around 70 community leaders are meeting in Madang this week to discuss the lack of development taking place in the Provinces and to begin organising ahead of the 2017 National Election.

The meeting has been arranged by ACT NOW! and is being hosted by the Tropical Gem community network. The theme for the meeting is "Rise Up! Return to Your Roots".

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With StaRS we can be smart, wise, fair and a global leader

The National Strategy for Responsible Sustainable Development for Papua New Guinea (StaRS) offers a real opportunity for us to build a smart, wise, fair and happy society that can lead the world.

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Radical change needed to avoid cycles of bloodshed in PNG


Dr Kristian Lasslett, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Ulster University

The recent shooting of university students brings home the incredible contrast that exists between the streets and the suites in Papua New Guinea. Police bullets don’t mince words, nor should we.

Decades of research and inquiry have established time and time again that the elite corridors of power in government and business operate through corruption, violence and theft. Many complicit individuals populate the most senior levels of government. Fact.

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Juffa: Focus on our land, return to our roots

Source: Post Courier

The drop in commodity prices is a great lesson for Papua New Guinea which has relied too much on the extractive industries, says Northern Governor Gary Juffa.

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Jury still out on whether seabed mining is good for Pacific

Source: Radio NZ

The Pacific Community says it is still not clear whether the potential economic benefits of sea bed mining will outweigh the negative effects on the environment and on local livelihoods.

The comments come after the SPC's proposed legal and regulatory framework on sea bed mining was accused of neglecting indigenous and environmental safeguards.

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Preparing for War... A CALL TO ARMS

Gary Juffa

Today we are besieged. The so called elites in power who do the bidding of the pirates that control our resources are fast selling PNG off, neither protecting nor promoting PNG interests.

Just walk into any business and ask yourself how is PNG protected here? A few genuine businesses and investors struggle while a many are merely here as vultures to take what they can while they can.

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West Sepik against SABLs

West Sepik youths holding playcards in demonstration against SABL. Picture courtesy: Gregory Suguman

Source: Gregory Suguman

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Youths use Sports to share message: Stop the land grab

Wagsford Youths Soccer team

A local town soccer team in Madang, has a message to share at the Madang town soccer competition. The message on their jerseys reads 'Stop the Land Grab'.

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