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Battle of the SABLs intensifies

By Warren Dutton

Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal has established a Commission of Inquiry into the SABLs [special agricultural and business leases], which is a good and I believe well intentioned step.

However there are definitely forces within the system, and perhaps even within the process itself, that will be working hard to maintain the status of the bad SABLs, so the ECPNG [ecumenical council of PNG] really needs to present the strongest possible submission to the Commission of Inquiry.  

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Confusion over SABL Commission of Inquiry continues

The confusion over whether a Commission of Inquiry has been appointed to investigate Special Purpose Business and Agriculture leases, which we first reported on 3 days ago - Confusion over Land Grab Commission of Inquiry - has deepened with the publication of a further newspaper advert, this time in The National.

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Land grabbing a global concern

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NRI hits out at SPBAL land grab

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SABL Land Grab: An Open Letter to the Prime Minister

The advert below was published in the Post Courier newspaper today, Friday 24 June.

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Post Courier reminds Abal of his commitment to land grab inquiry

The Post Courier newspaper has used the occasion of World Environment Day and its Editorial Column to remind Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal of his commitment to set up a Commission of Inquiry into the Special Agriculture and Business Leases. SABLs have been misused as a vehicle to take control of more than 5 million hectares of customary land away from local people. Mr Abal made his commitment to set up an inquiry on May 5 but has not yet signed the instruments to make the Commission a reality.

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Portions of Paradise: Vanuatu suffers its own land grab

While local people in Papua New Guinea are beginning to suffer the impacts of a massive land grab orchestrated under the guise of agriculture projects, mining leases and Special Economic Zones, Vanuatu is suffering its own land grab as revealed in this video.

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NRI Report highlights need for Commission of Inquiry into Special Agricultural Business Leases

By Lorraine Jonathan, NRI Media Unit

Papua New Guinea's Land Act 1996, provides an avenue for customary landowners to participate in economic development on their customary land. The process by which this is done is lease their customary land to the state in return for the state granting a special agricultural and business lease (SABL) over the land. This lease lease‐back system was designed to enable customary landowners’ access to credit for agricultural ventures on their customary land.

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SABL Land Grab: Open letter to the Acting Prime Minister

This full page advert appeared in today's Post Courier newspaper in Papua New Guinea.

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Madang Forum commends Acting PM Sam Abal

From Little Green Palai

THE Madang Indigenous People's Forum (MIPF) have commended the Acting Prime Minister, Sam Abal, for his move in calling for a Commission of Inquiry into the Special Agriculture and Business Leases.

Speaking through their chairperson, Mr Alfred Kaket, the people said: 

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