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Maru SABL's


Source: PNG Loop

State minister and member for Yangoru Saussia Richard Maru is against the Special Agriculture and Business Lease (SABL) device being used to acquire customary land in the country.

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Beware sale of clan land


Source: PNG Loop

Expert Former Chief Land Title Commissioner Josepha Kiris has issued a stern warning to people selling  customary land in NCD to restrain or face the full brunt of the law.

Kiris, who is also a professional lawyer, told PNG Loop that customary land was not supposed to be sold as there was no law guaranteeing the buyer to own the land. 

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Illegal land grabbing result of growing city

Source: The National

PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill said Port Moresby was a rapidly growing city with so much land being illegally acquired.

He said the Government was repossessing pieces of land taken illegally by individuals and putting them into trust.

He was responding to a caller on FM100 radio talkback show who said Port Moresby did not have sufficient recreational facilities because of all the land grabbing going on in the city. The caller said recreational areas in Port Moresby had been taken up or sold to foreigners or individuals.

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Two SABL Leases declared null and void in PNG

Source: Radio New Zealand

The National Court in Papua New Guinea has declared two special agriculture and business leases covering 38 thousand hectares of land in Oro Province null and void, ordering the state to cancel the title deeds.

The land is in part of the customary territory of nine indigenous tribes, who argued that they rely on it as the basis for their economy and subsistence livelihoods.

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NEC decide on scrapping illegal SABL deals

Source: PNG Loop

Forestry Minister Douglas Tomuriesa says a submission on the recommendations from the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into Special Agriculture Business leases will be presented to the National Executive Council this week.

He says the submission contains two recommendations from the Ministerial Committee on 94 SABLs held by logging companies across the country.

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Contested KLK PalmOil Leases Declared Illegal by Papua New Guinea Court

Source: Rainforest Action Network

High court sides with Indigenous communities in battle over controversial Malaysian palm oil giant’s plan to develop large areas of ancestral territory and pristine forest

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Collingwood Bay Portions 143c and 113c returned to Customary Owners

The people of Collingwood Bay in Oro Province are in a real celebratory mood after the Department of Lands conceded to giving back their customary land after 20 years of court battles.

The people have reclaimed their land – a total land area of 38,350 hectares, given away by the Department of Lands in two Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABL) for 50 years.

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Time for action to stop land grabs in Papua New Guinea

Source: Peiley Lau

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Local vegetable production in Papua New Guinea

Source: Agricultures Network

Improvements in vegetable production, transport and marketing are important to the well being of small holder farmers in Papua New Guinea, and opportunities for strengthening the industry and enhancing performance can be achieved by use of value chain analysis.

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Citizens urged to protect customary land


Papua New Guineans have been urged not to sell their land freely. This was a topic of concern raised on land mediation in Buka.

It was discussed that “the selling customary land is the selling of birth right, which in turn creates future problems.”

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