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Critiques dispute Jubilee report with baseless arguments

Source: Special Correspondent

The Jubilee research report on Bougainville launched in late August has caught wide attention abroad and in the autonomous region. In what seems as a shock for the Australian public to find that there is greater opposition to the reopening than expected, critiques however; seem unwilling to agree on the report, which apparently contains quoted voices of those living in the ruins of a mining town coupled with a completely decimated and toxic environment.

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Groups warn of 'social unrest' and 'violence'

Picture: Fiu Mata'ese Elisara

Source: Samoa observer

The risk runs high that benefits will flow not to local communities, but to foreign investors and national elites, with short-term monetary gains to individuals vested with unfettered powers over our lands” – Chiefs tell A.D.B.

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Motuans up in arms over ‘illegal’ land grabbing

Source: Post Courier

A CLAN from a village in Central Province has warned public that they will not allow any illegal land grabbing by outsiders.

Men from Gorohaga clan in Tubusereia village, led by clan leader Nou Tamarua, have come out clear stating they will vigorously defend their land.

The subjected land, known as portion 2734c Dogura, covers more than 300 hectares and is situated in Bautama outside the Port Moresby town boundary.

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MP calls for investigation into logging company

Picture: Manus MP, Roney Knight

Source:The National

MANUS MP Ronny Knight wants the PNG Forest Authority to scrutinise a logging company that has been operating in his electorate and is now bidding to go into agro-forestry.

Knight raised that in Parliament last Friday, stating that the same company has been logging in Manus for the last 25 years.

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Samoan Chiefs File Official Complaint To ADB

Source: Samoa Observer

Objecting to reforms that could lead to alienation of customary lands

A group of village chiefs filed an official complaint to the Asian Development Bank (A.D.B) yesterday. And they are adamant that if their grievances are not adequately addressed by the Bank, they are prepared to take the matter all the way to the International Human Rights Court.

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We do not want to be slaves in our own land

Source: The loggers Times

I WISH to express my views and concerns about expats being the lawmakers of PNG.

I am a mine worker and worked with most expats during my years in several underground mines for the last 10 to 20 years.

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Concerns as PNG prepares to return land to traditional owners

Source: Radio Australia

There's concern that logging of forests will continue (Credit: Audience submitted) 

Community groups have welcomed the Papua New Guinea Government's announcement it will abolish special agricultural business leases.

The leases paved the way for millions of hectares of customarily-owned land to be taken over by large corporations for so-called agricultural projects.

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PM: We will reclaim land lost to illegal SABLS

Source: Post Courier

The O’Neill/Dion Government is cancelling all Special Agriculture and Business Leases (SABLs) obtained illegally, and will abolish provisions of the Land Act which allows for SABLs to be granted.

“We are taking these steps to reclaim our customary land illegally lost to foreigners with the help of corrupt public servants and leaders,” Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said today.

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For Our Nations to Live, Capitalism must die


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Controversial SABL goes on in remote areas

Source: PNG Loop

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