Liquid Gold: Honey producers battling the odds

Image: Samuel Kuku, a beekeeper in the Eastern Highlands.

Source: Scott Waide / EMTV news

For more than 30 years, Tella Loie, worked in the public service as a honeybee specialist.

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Agri-tourism a big opportunity for Papua New Guinea

A PNG potato farmer. Source: EMTEK Multi-Media

Source: Sarah Byrne, Business Advantage PNG

With the focus on major resources projects, Papua New Guinea is missing the opportunity to develop a thriving agri-tourism sector, Papua New Guinea Women in Agricultural Development Foundation (PNGWiADF) President, Maria Linibi tells Business Advantage PNG.

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Will Agriculture Summit Focus on the Right Areas?

Rural Farmers Need Support - Not Foreign Owned Agri-businesses. Photo: Oxfam

Author: Eddie Tanago

Papua New Guinea's first ever National Agriculture Summit should be focused on helping Papua New Guinea’s 3 million rural farmers and not on assisting large foreign owned industries to grab more customary land.  

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Juffa: Focus on our land, return to our roots

Source: Post Courier

The drop in commodity prices is a great lesson for Papua New Guinea which has relied too much on the extractive industries, says Northern Governor Gary Juffa.

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Coffee is in crisis in Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea's seasonal production of coffee has declined substantially since 2011.

The annual crop has dropped from an average established over 24 years from 1987 of one million 60kg bags per annum, down to 800,000 last year.

A crop of no more than 700,000 bags is estimated for this year ending in December.

The crop  is expected to fall again by a significant factor in 2016.

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Economist Dr Anderson on PNG Economy

The book "Land and Livelihoods" by Tim Anderson, has been written and based on research work he and other PNG colleagues did to analyse/compare the most promoted and hyped- about, 'general economy of PNG to the smaller livelihood activities that is mostly sustainable and subsistent. Tim believes the Real economy is the people's livelihood and not LNG.

Source: EMTV online

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Special agriculture lease still a thorny issue

 'Passing the buck' like everyone else again. fact remains that the PNG Forest Authority is the government body mandated to issue all FCA's and not the Lands Department. Thus, the PNGFA should see it as thier responsibility to cancel any FCA's that have been issued to illegal SABL(s).

SABL(s) have been deemed illegal but why is it that logging is continuing? Is it becuase the FCA's are still valid?

Source: The National

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Bougainville government 'too concerned with mining and neglecting agriculture'

"The government is so concerned about the mineral sector and has relegated agriculture to the back burner"


Picture: Growing cocoa. courtesy of the World Agriculture blog.

Source: Post-Courier

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Australian government has known for 25 years that mining will not deliver benefits for PNG people

Source:PNG Mine Watch

Australia’s political leadership has spent decades promoting large-scale mining in PNG while carefully suppressing advice from experienced civil servants warning that the extractive industries will ‘not deliver lasting development for the majority of PNG’s population’.

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Alternatives to mining: A chocolate revolution on Bougainville

A small New Zealand business is demonstrating how Bougainville can have a future without a return to large-scale mining and the reimposition of colonial-style dependence on foreign powers like Rio Tinto... (Mine Watch)

Source: PNG Mine Watch

The Wellington Chocolate Voyage

A voyage to make a unique artisan chocolate bar and a better tasting world. This is the new chocolate revolution.

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