SABL Campaign Updates

Malaysian company signs agreement to log illegal SABL

An agarwood plantation has saved See Goh's Compugates after years of financial losses but is the Chief Executive aware the Marienberg SABL is a fraud?

Source: pngexposed blog

A Malaysian electronics distribution company claims it has signed an agreement to log the 26,000 hectare Marienberg SABL in East Sepik Province.

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Prime Minister's SABL excuses sound old and very lame

The Prime Minister is again giving excuses for why the unlawful SABL leases have not been cancelled. The PM is reported as saying despite an NEC decision in June 2014 ordering the cancellation the Department of Lands has been "dragging its feet" and some leaseholders have caused delays by taking legal action.

But Community advocacy group ACT NOW! says the Prime Ministers excuses are old and very lame.

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PM has plenty of excuses but still no action on unlawful SABL leases

The Prime Minister is again giving excuses why the SABL leases have not been cancelled but does not really explain why it has taken so long or why the illegal logging is being allowed to continue...

PM explains delay in SABL process

Source: Post Courier


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Gary Juffa the real hero stopping illegal logging

The Prime Minister may have been making a song and dance in the media about getting tough on illegal logging – but the real hero is Oro Governor Gary Juffa

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Post Courier: Stop work on loggers right move

Stop work notice highlights government inaction on SABL

Source: Post Courier Editorial

THE Government finally acted yesterday on a case that has been at the centre of illegal logging allegations.

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West Sepik against SABLs

West Sepik youths holding playcards in demonstration against SABL. Picture courtesy: Gregory Suguman

Source: Gregory Suguman

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Youths use Sports to share message: Stop the land grab

Wagsford Youths Soccer team

A local town soccer team in Madang, has a message to share at the Madang town soccer competition. The message on their jerseys reads 'Stop the Land Grab'.

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Submission to the United Nations for Papua New Guinea's Universal Periodic Review

In April next year Papua New Guinea will appear before the Human Rights Council at the United Nations in Geneva to explain its human rights record.

ACT NOW! has made a submission to the UN that focuses on the PNG government's very poor record on land grabbing, illegal logging and experimental seabed mining.

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Land grabbing a threat to national security

Melanesians have great respect for our land. it is the core of our livelihood. Selling of land in our communities has caused rural-urban drift, many people have become displaced and cannot maintain a subsistant living becuase there is no land to cultivate. A great number of people have lost their land to SABL schemes and land grabbing, thus have come town to earn a monetary livelihood. Question is, who is (really) causing this problem?

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Activists issues warning about PNG forests

An environmental and social activist says the governments of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia cannot claim to be serious about climate change impacts when they continue to allow rampant forest clearance across New Guinea.

Source: Radio New Zealand

An environmental and social activist says the destruction wrought upon New Guinea's forests by the logging industry typifies the way so-called development works in PNG.

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