SABL Campaign Updates

Norway learns more about the importance of PNG forests and current threats

ACT NOW!'s founder and Program Manager, Effrey Dademo, was in Norway last week to speak on a Norwegian television about the importance of land and forests in Papua New Guinea. She also spoke about the current threats from land grabbing and illegal and unsustainable logging and how ACT NOW is empowering grassroots leaders to disseminate the information required to empower local people to defend their land and resources.

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APEC forest ministers urged to press PNG government to act on land grabbing and illegal logging

APEC Forest Ministers are being urged to question the PNG government about widespread land grabbing and illegal and unsustainable logging and press for action when they meet in Port Moresby next week

Community advocacy group ACT NOW! has written to sixteen APEC Forest Ministers explaining the history of the SABL land grab and the continuing problems of illegal and unsustainable logging in PNG.

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Heavy logging continues in Turubu despite court victory

Source: "Red Soil"

The foreign logging company deemed illegal by the National court is still heavily logging down kwila trees and leaving the land barren in Turubu, East Sepik Province. Despite being called out by the court to stop the illegal logging on portion 144C, these Asian thieves have resorted to other ways to continue stealing the kwila trees behind the back of the laws of this land.

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East Sepik Carvers not happy with SABL Land Theft

Picture: A cultural carving from East Sepik, Papua New Guinea

Source: "Red Soil"

Carvers of the East Sepik Province are greatly very saddened and disgusted to learn of the PNG Government’s facilitation of the theft of 5 million hectares of land, under the Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABL) scam.

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Special agriculture lease still a thorny issue

 'Passing the buck' like everyone else again. fact remains that the PNG Forest Authority is the government body mandated to issue all FCA's and not the Lands Department. Thus, the PNGFA should see it as thier responsibility to cancel any FCA's that have been issued to illegal SABL(s).

SABL(s) have been deemed illegal but why is it that logging is continuing? Is it becuase the FCA's are still valid?

Source: The National

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SABL case still before courts

Picture: Children play at Log pond in Turubu bay, East Sepik, Papua New Guinea. Photo Coutesy of Oakland Istitute

Source: Post Courier

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O'Neill's illegal logging: 567 days and counting...

Source: PNG exposed

As the world gets back to work in 2015 there has still been NO ACTION to cancel the huge SABL land grab, revoke the unlawful leases or stop the illegal logging in Papua New Guinea.

It is now 567 days since Prime Minister Peter O’Neill was told that the SABL leases were unlawful and should be cancelled.

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More excuses from O’Neill over failure to act on SABL land grab

O'Neill has failed for two years to take any action against the corrupt bureaucrats and politicians responsible for the SABL land grab and illegal logging - and now he is expressing surprise they have done nothing to cancel the leases or stop the logging...

SABL investigation: O’Neill says bureaucracy not responding

Source: EM TV, Port Moresby

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Govt fails to stop SABL land grab

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