SABL Petition Presentation: Photo Diary

The media listening attentively as Anna Maria explains the human rights abuses and impacts on women and children of the SABL land grab

ACT NOW! Campaign Coordinator, Eddie Tanago, makes some opening remarks to the media

Represenatives from SABL affected communities, Paul Pavol, Anne Maria, Lester Seri and Ignatius Matapia

Members of the media collect awareness materials on the SABL land grab and illegal logging

Lester Seri from Collingwood Bay talks about his community's fight to recover land stolen in the SABL land grab

Earlier in the day, the landholders were with ACT NOW! at the Department of Lands to present the SABL postcards and petitions

ACT NOW! has written numerous letters to the Secretary of Lands and the Chief Secretary in the Department of the Prime Minister asking for a meeting to present the paostcards and petitions, but none of the correspondence has ever received a reply

The box containing the signed postcards. Ten thousand signatures were collected from communities across PNG affected by the SABL land grab

The postcards call on the Prime Minister to cancel the unlawful SABL leases and stop the illegal logging in lease areas 

The landholder representatives were not allowed beyond the security desk, so Paul Pavol, 2016 winner of the Alexander Soros Foundation Award, and Anna Maria had to hand the postcards and petitions to the security guards  

Eddie Tanago explains carefully to the security guards what the box contains and that it needs to be delivered immediately to the Sectretary's Office upstairs