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HR Watch says PNG has failed to protect women and children


 A student protest in Port Moresby in June 2016. Human Rights Watch says PNG has failed to respond to corruption and police violence. Photograph: AAP

Author: Helen Davidson     Source: The Guardian

Papua New Guineans took to the streets to protest against government corruption and were met by gunfire, Human Rights Watch has said in a scathing assessment of Australia’s nearest neighbour.

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NGOs pledge to battle family and sexual violence epidemic

Support clinics, safe houses and education initiatives established to support victims across the country in attempt to curb violence

Helen Davidson | The Gaurdian

Watch Papua New Guinea woman Mary tells Amnesty International how she was attacked and accused of witchcraft after the death of a child in her village in PNG's highlands region - short video.

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Nearly quarter of men in Asia-Pacific admit to committing rape: PNG tops list

Survey shows extent of sexual violence in region where 70% of men report facing no legal consequences

Source: Kate Hodal in The Guardian UK

Nearly a quarter of men in the Asia-Pacific region have admitted to committing rape at least once in their life, according to a new survey, with more than half of those respondents claiming they raped for the first time while in their teens.

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Children bear the brunt of abuse epidemic in Papua New Guinea

Report exposes widespread violence that touches the lives of most women, and a 'culture of complicity'

Helen Davidson in The Guardian

Research into Papua New Guinea's epidemic of domestic and sexual violence has found few women or children are unaffected by abuse and that education is the biggest challenge in ending a "culture of complicity".

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Women and the Fight for Peace and Freedom in West Papua

By Rochelle Jones

West Papua – officially under Indonesian rule since 1963 – is located in the Western half of the island of New Guinea – 250km north of Australia. In 2012, West Papua Media conducted interviews with four West Papuan women who are active in the nonviolent movement for freedom. Here, AWID gives some background, and excerpts from the interviews.

Act of No Choice

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Violence rife in PNG: UN


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Mondiai vows to find out why cops beat up pregnant woman

Source: The National, Thursday 23rd Febuary 2012


POLICE will find out why six officers allegedly assaulted a seven-month pregnant woman then abandoned  her on a roadside.

Lae metropolitan commander Supt Nema Mondiai deplored the assault after the woman, Nora Duran, reported the matter to the police. He has advised Duran to lodge a formal complaint with the police ombudsman.

“I was not aware of this incident but I don’t condone such activities.

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Volunteer doctor reveals the shocking truth about violence against women in Papua New Guinea

DR Julia Stinshoff has worked for a year at a centre in Papua New Guinea that gives survivors of domestic and sexual violence psychosocial and medical support.

She talks about her work at the centre run by international medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) in Tari, Hela. The centre runs an operation theatre.

“We see a lot of fractures, lacerations, soft-tissue injuries as well as open wounds. These injuries are mostly the result of women being beaten by their husbands or immediate families,” Stinshoff said.

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Police still part of the problem of violence against women in PNG

Police rapes girl

A GRADE six student in Madang was allegedly raped by a policeman last Thursday, but despite complaints laid by the girl’s relatives, the suspect is still out and free without being charged or detained.

Father and uncle of the girl yesterday expressed their disappointment to this paper saying despite an official complaint being lodged last Friday, police in Madang were yet to detain the policeman concerned.

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ACT NOW! Campaign Update: More Success

There have been exciting developments on a number of issues on which ACT NOW! supporters have been making their voices heard; including the SABL land grab, violence against women and children, and the Environment Act amendments. You can find out more here:

SABL Land Grab

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