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Will the 2018 APEC Summit Benefit PNG?

Commentary by By Aloysius Otmar on PNG Today

PM Peter O'Neill and Treasury Minister Charles Abel are saying PNG will benefit from the APEC 2018. Like many right thinking and concerned PNGeans, I doubt it very much. This event will only be a major gain for many politically-aligned individuals and not the country as a whole. Why do I need to boast about the APEC 2018 when;

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The Sustainable Development Goals: A Siren and Lullaby for our Times

Thomas Pogge and Alnoor Ladha | OCCUPY.com

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A Hole in the System

Opencast coal mining in England. Photo courtesy of The Guardian

Source: Monbiot.com

The outrageous, untold story of how big business dumps its costs on us.

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 29thApril 2015

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Wrong model of development at the root of SABL land grab and violent urban evictions

Both the SABL land grab and the growing number of violent urban evictions in Papua New Guines are the symptoms of a misguided and destructive model of development.

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"Real" Nation Notions

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Papua New Guinea's soldiers and cops victims of our failed model of development

By Martyn Namorong

Papua New Guinean film maker Scott Waide’s recent video (see below) featuring the squalid living conditions of police in the Madang Province, highlighted the humanity and fragileness of these men in blue in Papua New Guinea (PNG).

No doubt there are shit cops who in many ways have defined the way the public sees the police force. But when one is presented with shit living conditions yet chooses to continue to serve the public, surely such service is beyond “just doing one’s job”.

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Development is about much more than just economics

In a coastal village setting, some two hours away from the main industrial centre in East Sepik, 75 percent of the women have taken up employment at the fish cannery. A quarter of those women have children. After three months they soon discovered that they have been away from home for too long and the husbands were getting fed up of the child caring responsibility. This responsibility eventually rested with the elder children in the family who must miss out on school.

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No money, no poverty, just happiness, pigs and prosperity in Vanuatu's traditional economy

By Kirk Huffman*

The Republic of Vanuatu in the southwestern Pacific is classed by foreign economists as one of the world's poorest nations. This mistaken view is only true if one believes that lack of modern money = 'poverty'.

Vanuatu consists of 83 inhabited tropical and semi-tropical islands with a current - almost completely indigenous Melanesian - population of around 230,000 which possesses twice as many languages and cultures as the whole of the (expanded) EU.

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