Australia the largest single beneficiary from PNG rainforest destruction

Australia is the largest single beneficiary of rampant and unsustainable logging and land grabbing in Papua New Guinea, according to leading community activist group, ACT NOW!

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Rimbunan Hijau must come clean on their role in Oro politics


Source: PNG Exposed

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Shamed By Concerned Citizens From Other Countries

Source: PNG Blogs

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Why is PNGFA on SABLs ?

Source: Post Courier

Letter of the Day

SABL stands for Special Purpose Agriculture Business Lease.

The acronym SABL speaks for itself.

Any educated person would reason, without having any prior knowledge of the concept, that such a lease has something to do with agriculture, and not forestry.

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Gary Juffa: Group Funded By Asian Logging Entities

Picture: Oro Govenor,Gary Juffa

Source: EMTV

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Court revokes SABL leases

Source: Post Courier

The National court has declared two agriculture and business leases of SABLs covering over 38, 000 hectres of land in Northen Province null and void, and further ordered the State to cancel thier titles.

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New Land Laws premature - government must deal with corruption first

Effrey Dademo

Moves by the government to review the Lands Act and introduce revised legislation* are premature and focus attention away from the real problem - corruption, says community activist group, ACT NOW!

Changes to the law ignore the corruption which is at the root of most of the current problems with land administration and any changes will do nothing to stop the ongoing abuses.

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PNG police brutality highlights troublesome link to loggers

Source: Radio New Zealand

Originally aired on Thursday 16 Oct 2014

Calls continue for Papua New Guinea police working for logging companies to be removed amid unresolved claims of police brutality against landowner communities opposed to logging.

Allegations by some East New Britain landowners that they were intimidated and assaulted among other abuses by police attached to a logging company remain unresolved.

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Wrong model of development at the root of SABL land grab and violent urban evictions

Both the SABL land grab and the growing number of violent urban evictions in Papua New Guines are the symptoms of a misguided and destructive model of development.

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Forest Authority not stopping illegal logging in SABL areas

The Papua New Guinea Forest Authority (PNG FA) will not cancel the Forest Clearance Authorities it has granted allowing logging inside Special Agriculture and Business Lease areas and thus is not defending the rights and interests of customary landowners.

This was made clear in a recent meeting of NGOs with the PNGFA. 

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