Street protest highlights Australia's shortcomings on rainforests

The Bob Brown Foundation and the Australian Forests and Climate Alliance (AFCA) today held a demonstration outside the Asia Pacific Rainforest Summit. Lorraine Bower from AFCA said that while the groups welcome the Summit on protecting rainforests taking place at a regional level, it is disappointed in the Australian government’s performance in protecting rainforests at home and in our region.

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People and forests of Papua New Guinea under threat: the government’s failed response to the largest land grab in modern history

Despite public statements to the contrary, the PNG government is failing to take meaningful action to address the SABL crisis that is harming its people and environment…

Source: Global Witness via PNGExposed


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Rainforest Summit must address land grabbing and illegal logging in Papua New Guinea: ACT NOW!

The Asia Pacific Rainforest Summit being hosted this week by the Australian Government, must address the serious problems of land grabbing and illegal logging in Papua New Guinea and the rampant corruption that underpins them, says community activist group, ACT NOW!

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Australia the largest single beneficiary from PNG rainforest destruction

Australia is the largest single beneficiary of rampant and unsustainable logging and land grabbing in Papua New Guinea, according to leading community activist group, ACT NOW!

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Rimbunan Hijau must come clean on their role in Oro politics


Source: PNG Exposed

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Shamed By Concerned Citizens From Other Countries

Source: PNG Blogs

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Why is PNGFA on SABLs ?

Source: Post Courier

Letter of the Day

SABL stands for Special Purpose Agriculture Business Lease.

The acronym SABL speaks for itself.

Any educated person would reason, without having any prior knowledge of the concept, that such a lease has something to do with agriculture, and not forestry.

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Gary Juffa: Group Funded By Asian Logging Entities

Picture: Oro Govenor,Gary Juffa

Source: EMTV

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