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LNG project is hurting PNG economy - new report

Source: Jubilee Australia

A new report on the economy of Papua New Guinea shows that despite predictions of a widespread economic boost from the ExxonMobil PNG LNG project, on most economic indicators the economy has actually gone backwards relative to predictions.

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A Hole in the System

Opencast coal mining in England. Photo courtesy of The Guardian


The outrageous, untold story of how big business dumps its costs on us.

By George Monbiot, published in the Guardian 29thApril 2015

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Nautilus Petition gets 7,980 signatures


Source: PNG Loop

An online campaign to collect signatures to petition against Canadian-based Nautilus Minerals for the undersea mining operation in Papua New Guinea (PNG) has today reached 7,980 , just 20 shy of the target which is 8,000.

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Time is right for a different development path

Papua New Guinean's faces a vitally important choice. Should we continue to implement an imported and failed model of development, which is based on unrestrained capitalism, or return to our roots, rediscover our National Goals and follow a more Melanesian development path?

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Papua New Guinea's poor still waiting for a fair share

By Brian Thomson

Thirty-six years after the people of Papua New Guinea gained the right to govern themselves they are still waiting on a government that gives them a fair share of the country's considerable resources.

"We have so much need for basic government services  in the midst of the all mines, all the riches being extracted from our land," says Ombudsman John Toguata.

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