resource curse

Resources curse PNG communities’ future

Author: Michael Main. Source: East Asia Forum

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LNG project that promised economic boom leaves PNG in ‘worse state’: report

Source: Isabel Esterman / Mongabay. 

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Will Papua New Guinea benefit or lose out in the commodity boom?

By Paul Barker, Director of the Institute of National Affairs*

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Will Papua New Guinea survive the resource boom?

The real resources curse for PNG is not necessarily economic in nature. As an immature nation still struggling to achieve modernity, it is possible that the intra-national conflict fuelled by competition for the considerable monetary spoils of the resources boom will threaten the very political existence of PNG as a nation....

By Susan Merrell* 

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Thorough study needed on impacts of LNG

By Prof Jason Nakandaul Herra

PNG is ill-prepared for the impact of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

So far, we have watched the progress from gas agreement in May 2008 to financial closure on March 11 with little more than fascination.

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