Ramu nickel mine

New Campaign Seeks End to Ocean Mine Waste Dumping

Photo: MCC dumps waste from the Ramu mine into Basamuk Bay 

Ditch Ocean Dumping coalition calls on Citigroup to divest from mines tied to the practice

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Foreign owned mining companies not good corporate citizens

Source: PNG Mine Watch

Foreign owned mining companies operating in PNG are abusing our hospitality and trust by failing to pay any corporate tax.

Companies like Barrick Gold, Newcrest Mining and Harmony Gold make millions of dollars from their "World Class" gold, copper and silver mining in PNG.

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Not Destructive Development

Source: "Red Soil"

Jimmy is from the Junk-Aral District of the Jiwaka Province, and he walks from Jiwaka out to the Madang Province to sell his bags of coffee beans and peanuts once or twice every month. From where Jimmy’s village is located, one has to climb very rugged steep mountains, brave the thick jungles and cross some of the fastest flowing rivers to get to town and back home.

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Extractive industries cause "serious human rights problems and environmental harm" in PNG

A victim of domestic violence shows her head wound patched up with tape in a women's shelter in Papua New Guinea's capital city of Port Moresby © 2005 Reuters

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Landowners stand up for their land in an attempt to spread the word that coal and any kind of mining, regardless of the governments commitment to foreign investment, is not welcomed on their (the people's) customary owned land.

Source: 'Red soil'

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Ramu Nico defends against claim

Source: Post Courier

THE developers of the Ramu Nickel project says it has met all its commitments under the project’s memorandum of agreement-2000.

It states its commitment has not changed and it will be working to meet its obligations under the revised MoA currently in effect as the project ramps up.

The firm was responding to reports by Usino/Bundi MP Anton Yagama in relation to the recent destruction to properties owned by Ramu NiCo (MCC) Management Limited at the Kurumbukari mine site in his electorate.

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MP: Faliure of govt, company causes Ramu destruction

Source: PNG Mine Watch

USINO-Bundi MP Anthon Yagama has blamed the failure by Ramu Nickel and the Government to honour the MOA for the recent destruction of properties at the Kurumbukari mine area in Madang province.

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Villagers not seeing promised benefits from Ramu mine

Source: PNG Loop

Usino/Bundi MP Anthony Yagama and Madang acting Provincial Police Commander Ben Neneo met with the Bundi people on Sunday to hear their side of the story of the million kina damages caused by some of them last week.

Bundi villagers expressed their concerns that the developer, Ramu Nickel, and the Government of PNG had not implemented much of what had been agreed upon in the MOA.

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Police make arrests over mine raid

Source:The National

POLICE have arrested five men in connection with the raid and destruction of properties last week at the Ramu Nickel’s Kurumbukari mine site in Madang.

A Madang police source said the five were understood to be the main instigators of the raid last Monday.

The source said two of the people arrested were employed in the company’s community affairs department, two from a security firm plus a senior employee.

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Group Storms Mine

Source: The National

RAMU NiCo’s Kurumbukari mine in Madang has been forced to close after a group of villagers damaged properties worth millions of kina on Monday.

Five Chinese employees were injured after the armed villagers stormed into the office area of the KBK mining site of Ramu NiCo, damaging equipment and facilities, according to a company source.

Acting provincial police commander Senior Inspector Ben Neneo has sent a police team, including officers from the Criminal Investigation Unit, to Ramu to investigate. The incident happened around 8.30am.

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