police abuse

Police intimidation and violence against Pomio communities

Police stationed at logging camps in the Pomio district of East New Britain are continuing to intimidate and threaten landowners protesting against illegal SABL leases and wide spread logging.

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Provincial Govt sends in armed police against customary landholders

Logging on New Hanover: "This is our customary land. Why would they do this to us?" 

New Ireland Provincial Government has sent in armed police to defend illegal logging and road clearing operations on New Hanover island. Local people have been engaged in a long struggle to defend their land and reclaim what is rightfully theirs from the foreign logging companies.

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Police Fan belting

Buai, Mosi, Yabui, Buatau, Buwa, Vui, Beda and Guria are a few of the different names (out of the 800+ languages we have) we have for betel nut or areca nut in Papua New Guinea.

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US publishes damning report on human rights abuses in Papua New Guinea

The United States Department of State has published a damning picture of human rights abuses in Papua New Guinea in its Annual Report.

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