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New report on human rights abuses caused by SABL land grab

The appalling human rights abuses being suffered by the victims of the huge SABL land-grab in Papua New Guinea are the focus of a new report published by ACT NOW! and UK based charity, War on Want.

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West Pomio SABL Damages Assessment K2.4 billion

Communities affected by three Special Agriculture Business Leases in the West Pomio District of East New Britain Province have assessed the economic damage caused by logging and oil palm planting at more than K2.4 billion.

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Rimbunan Hijau tells communities human rights impede their development

RH Consultant and ex Managing Director of the PNG Forest Authority, Kanawi Pouru, addresses villagers in the Pomio district

SABL Story Project*

PNG’s largest logging company and multi-sector business group is telling rural communities that human rights and sustainable business principles impede rural development and should be ignored if people want to get rich.

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Dirty SABL Palm Oil to hit the International Market

The oil palm mill at Dirina in Pomio

SABL Story Project*

Who would think that a responsible government, whose income is dependent on tax revenue would allow one of our major export crop to be smeared with more dirt? 

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India Plans Huge Palm Oil Expansion, Forests At Risk

Picture: Notice board at Mizoram

Source: The Epoch Times

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Papua New Guinea set to decide on RH logging renewal

Source: Radio Australia

Papua New Guinea’s National Forest Board will consider a Malaysian company's bid to continue to logging virgin rainforest in order to plant palm oil.

Papua New Guinea's National Forest Board will consider a Malaysian company's bid to continue to logging virgin rainforest in order to plant palm oil.

The clear-felling around Pomio on the island of East New Britain has been hotly contested by some locals, as well as international groups like Greenpeace and Global Witness.

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Minister Maru assists landowners to stop illegal logging and palm oil developer

By Jimmy Kalebe, Communications Officer, Turubu Eco-Forestry Inc.

Minister for Trade and Industry and Member for Yangoru-Sausia, Mr Richard Maru on Wednesday night gave Turubu Landowners the green light to use the services of Mobile Squad 04, from Port Moresby to stop certain members of the local police that are interfering with compliance to a National Court Order by the Palm Oil developer illegally operating in Special Agriculture Business Lease (SABL) area Portion 144C, East Sepik Province.

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Oil palm project sets up nursery

Source: The National


THE multi-million kina Turubu oil palm project in East Sepik is working on its central nursery at Nungawa village in the Sausso area.

Landowner company chairman Aron Malijiwi said this 20ha main nursery area would supply planting material to the entire project on the SABL portion 144c in the Sausso and Turubu LLG areas.

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Malaysian palm oil giant tied to social conflict, deforestation in PNG says report

From Mongabay blog

Unlike other palm oil giants that have recently made strong commitments to eliminating deforestation and social conflict from their supply chains, Malaysia-based Kuala Lumpur Kepong (KLK) continues to source palm oil associated with forest destruction and community conflict, argues a new report published by the Rainforest Action Network (RAN). 

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