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Australian government's hypocritical stance on PNG corruption

Image: Sir Michael Somare arrives at Parliament House in Canberra in 2009. Photo: AAP

Source: Michael Pascoe, The New Daily

It’s illegal for Australian entities to bribe foreign entities, but apparently we’re perfectly happy to take dirty money from bribed foreigners and consort with corrupt leaders.

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The Despot’s Guide to Wealth Management and Australia’s role as a haven for dirty money

Australia is a haven for dirty money, money stolen from countries like Papua New Guinea, according to research by Professor Jason Sharman which will shortly be published in a new book, The Despot’s Guide to Wealth Management.

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How Dirty money reaches Australia: Shepherd and Maladina speak out

A special investigation on Dateline reveals senior lawyers detailing how to avoid detection when laundering money into Australia and beyond.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

Dirty Money How corrupt PNG cash is reaching Australian Current Affairs Dateline SBS

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G20 corruption rules could affect Pacific bureaucrats

Source: Radio Australia

Australia nailed for its role in money laundering as well as discusses possibility of stopping PNG politicians / bureaucrats from travelling if under suspicion...

Politicians and bureaucrats from Pacific nations who are even suspected of corruption could be denied entry in to Australia as part of new rules being looked at by the G20 summit in Brisbane.

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Australia the largest single beneficiary from PNG rainforest destruction

Australia is the largest single beneficiary of rampant and unsustainable logging and land grabbing in Papua New Guinea, according to leading community activist group, ACT NOW!

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Australia needs to stop laundering the proceeds of corruption

With billions of dollars stolen from the public purse over the last decade in Papua New Guinea, Australia should be doing far more to stop the flow of stolen money from PNG into Australia.

Simon Kolm, the Chairman of PNG's Task Force Sweep which is tackling corruption among politicians and senior bureaucrats, recently described Australia as becoming 'another Cayman Islands' over the way it sucks up the proceeds of crime from PNG.*

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