marine waste dumping

New Campaign Seeks End to Ocean Mine Waste Dumping

Photo: MCC dumps waste from the Ramu mine into Basamuk Bay 

Ditch Ocean Dumping coalition calls on Citigroup to divest from mines tied to the practice

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New study finds humans on the verge of wiping out sea life

Source: Ian Lang, National Monitor

The rate of human destruction is on the rise, but scientists say it’s not too late.

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DSTP decision not about justice!

What a sad day for Papua New Guinea, July 26, 2011!

For money we have been forced to bow so low to allow for mining companies to breach our laws and degrade our very beautiful environments that make up this country.

For money we boast world class mines that take and take and take and leave nothing behind. For money, we bow to promises that leave us stricken with economic poverty. For money, we beg for others to come and develop our country for us.

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Highlands Pacific in controversial claims about the Ramu mine

Mining company Chairman, Ken MacDonald, has gone on the record with some very controversial and potentially misleading claims about the Ramu nickel mine in Papua New Guinea and its plans to dump millions of tons of waste into the sea.

In a radio interview broadcast last Friday in Australia, MacDonald said the waste from the mine will not be toxic. 

This is refuted by mining experts and marine scientists.

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