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Log tax increase, a big win for people


THE proposed tax increase on log export announced in the 2017 Budget has been described as a big win for the people of PNG.

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Multi-agency report confirms police working for Rimbunan Hijau brutalize communities in SABL areas

Source: PNG Exposed

An Independent Fact Finding Mission undertaken by a joint team of government officials and civil society organisations, has confirmed allegations of ‘continuous brutality and human rights violations’ by police personnel operating on behalf of Rimbunan Hijau inside two Special Agriculture and Business Lease areas in the East New Britain Province of Papua New Guinea.

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Logging without free prior informed consent from local people

Sepu people question logging activity in their area

Nathan Matbob

The people of the Sepu area along the Ramu River in the Usino-Bundi District of Madang held a meeting with representatives from logging company Madang Timbers and the PNG Forest Authority at the village more than a week ago. Representatives from the Forest Authority however, did not attend on the reason that their forester rep was not available at that time.

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Logging industry leads in widespread forced labour and sexual exploitation

"Survey respondents indicated that trafficking for the purpose of forced labour and sexual exploita$on is occurring at a high rate... The logging industry received the highest results by survey respondents as a business sector that exposes persons to risks of trafficking."

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Selling Our Happiness to Buy Their Development

Development is a big word. It essentially depends on who is selling and who's buying the idea of ‘development’.

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Loggers hit back against SABL inquiry - and just about everything else

The National newspaper, owned by Malaysian logging giant Rimbunan Hijau, and partisan supporter of the Ramu nickel mine and foreign owned resource operations in general, has taken a swipe at the SABL land grab Commission of Inquiry and just about everything else the government is trying to do to protect the interests of ordinary Papua New Guinean's. When your read your daily newspaper it is good to remember whose interests it is representing and protecting....

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Media Watch: Who is pulling The National's strings on SABLs?

The National newspaper, owned by Malaysian logging giant Rimbunan Hijau, seems to be struggling to present a fair and balanced coverage of the issue of Special Purpose Agriculture and Business Leases (SABLs).

On Thursday, May 5, Papua New Guinea's Acting Prime Minister, Sam Abal issued a press statement just before 4pm, announcing a Commission of Inquiry into the controversial issuing of SABLs covering over 5.2 million hectares of customary land.

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Predatory corporations, failing governance and the fate of forests in PNG

By William Laurence et al

Papua New Guinea (PNG) sustains some of the world’s most biologically and culturally rich forests.

Like many tropical nations, PNG is changing rapidly as it attempts to develop economically, but corporate misdealing and weak governance are undermining its capacity to do so sustainably.

Over exploitation of forests is rampant, with most accessible forests likely to be logged or disappear in 1–2 decades.

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True spirit of the Fourth Goal in Papua New Guinea's Constitution destroyed


The current resource exploitation trend, coupled with changes in natural resources and environmental laws of Papua New Guinea clearly undermines the true spirit of the Fourth Goal of the National Constitution. In effect, it has compromised this and PNG’s future generations.

Vision 2050 uses the analogy of a driver knowing where to go before getting into a vehicle, assuming the road map PNG. Theoretically, this might be so, but practicality it may not be easy, if not impossible.

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