Resources curse PNG communities’ future

Author: Michael Main. Source: East Asia Forum

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LNG project that promised economic boom leaves PNG in ‘worse state’: report

Source: Isabel Esterman / Mongabay. 

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LNG project is hurting PNG economy - new report

Source: Jubilee Australia

A new report on the economy of Papua New Guinea shows that despite predictions of a widespread economic boost from the ExxonMobil PNG LNG project, on most economic indicators the economy has actually gone backwards relative to predictions.

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Extractive industries cause "serious human rights problems and environmental harm" in PNG

A victim of domestic violence shows her head wound patched up with tape in a women's shelter in Papua New Guinea's capital city of Port Moresby © 2005 Reuters

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Tax Holidays Worrisome


GENEROUS tax concessions given to mining and gas companies are contributing to low government revenue per capita, according to Asian Development Bank country economist Aaron Batten.

He said the average effective tax on PNG’s mining, oil and gas companies was now on the low side of fiscal regimes across the world

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Lest we forget. More coverage needed of LNG landslide disaster

LNG Watch

While LNG Watch is doing its best - with no financial resources - to contact local residents, report on their concerns, and relay vital information from key experts, the press is entranced with mutinies in Port Moresby.

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Investigating the Tumbi Disaster

By Dr Kristian Lasslett*

At around 4am last Tuesday morning, a landslide 1.5km along swept through Tumbi, in Papua New Guinea’s Southern Highlands, while residents lay asleep.

Photo AP/Post Courier

Reporting from the ground, Andrew Alphonse conveys a scene of devastation:

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Further evidence supports call for independent inquiry into Tumbi disaster

By LNG Watch 

LNG Watch has called for an independent investigation into the cause of the recent Tumbi landslide disaster.

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LNG Watch calls for independent investigation into Hides disaster

By LNG Watch

While the facts surrounding the tragic Hides landslide remain sketchy, prima facie evidence is being produced which indicates this was not purely a natural disaster. While it is important at this stage that people remain focused on the rescue efforts, serious attention must be given to the cause of this disaster. LNG Watch, therefore, fully supports James Marape’s (Hela Transitional Authority Chairman) call for an independent investigation into the landslide.

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Listening to the impacts of the Exxon-Mobil LNG project

From LNG Watch Papua New Guinea*

In 2011 Oxfam launched their LNG Impact Listening Project. In the words of Oxfam, the project's aim is to “understand people’s experiences and views of the impacts of the PNG LNG Project, and how they are responding to these impacts” (p.2). The listening project has focused on four villages affected by the LNG operation in Central Province; Lea lea, Papa, Boera and Porebada. A welcomed emphasis is given to the voice of women.

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