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Time to review our political system

By Patrick Kaiku

While the Constitutional Planning Committee (CPC) had performed a monumental task in the lead-up to the drafting of PNG’s Constitution, a new round of consultation should be ini­tiated to address critical issues that were not apparent during the time of the CPC.

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Who is Hudson Ramatlap protecting?


I refer to the comments by the first legislative counsel, Mr Hudson
 Ramatlap, and note with great concern that a person who is supposed to 
protect the independence of Parliament legislative process is now
 making outlandish comments in support of the contemptuous behaviour of
 the Prime Minister.

His statement is not only misleading, but calculated to undermine the 
seriousness of this matter.
 This is not just another political scoring issue here it is an issue 
of national importance. 

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PNG PM found guilty of misconduct

By Ilya Gridneff, AAP

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Michael Somare has been found guilty of 13 charges of misconduct in office for submitting annual financial statements late or incomplete.

A three-member tribunal sitting in Port Moresby handed down its decision on Monday afternoon and will reconvene on Tuesday to hear recommendations for an appropriate penalty.

Somare, 74, who has been at the forefront of PNG politics for 40 years, will remain in the top job and is expected to be punished only with a small fine.

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Tribunal all a big anti-climax?

From ABC Radio

It was expected to be one of the most explosive legal cases Papua New Guinea had seen for years. The elderly prime minister, Sir Michael Somare, was hauled before a specially convened tribunal to answer charges of official misconduct.

But compared to the political dramas that preceded it, the action in court turned out to be something of an anticlimax.


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Courts defend Papua New Guinea's Constitution

There have been two major victories in the last few days in the campaign to defend Papua New Guinea's Constitution and uphold democratic principles.

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Ombudsman Commission opposition to proposed amendments could not be clearer

The Ombudsman Commission's opposition to the proposed changes to the Leadership Code could not be clearer, despite mischievous claims from some politician that the Commission supports the amendments.

In May 2009 the Ombudsman Commission submitted an 11 page brief to the National Executive Council (which can be downloaded below) setting out its concerns about so called "Maladina" amendments and making clear that it did not support the changes.

The Ombudsman Commission submission makes clear that the proposed changes:

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