Custodians, not “Landowners”

Most land in Papua New Guinea is occupied and controlled by clans or communities. They have extensive rights over how the land is used and who has access. These rights are recognized in our Constitution and Land laws. This ‘customary’ land has provided the basis for our very existence for generations. Without our land, we cannot survive.

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Francis On a denounces Bougainville Mining Bill

Source: PNG Mine Watch

Only a truly great thinker can capture historical motion with such accuracy, that their words can serve as a compass for the years ahead. Francis Ona’s historic address, written in 1989, could have been read out yesterday on the steps of Bougainville’s parliament.

We were forced to become passive observes of our own exploitation, first by the racist colonial administration and after independence by the black political leaders in whitemen’s coats.

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Me'ekamui government calls for protest against new Mining Law

Me'ekamui Government of Unity

Citizens of Bougainville.


All citizens of Bougainville, I ask you all to mobilise and meet tomorrow morning, Friday 8 August 2014, at 9.30am at the ABG Parliament to STOP THE BCL THEFT OF BOUGAINVILLE.

The Mining Bill drafted by the Australian Tony Regan simply hands back to RIO/BCL the entire Panguna Mine effective immediately with no of compensation.

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Call to focus outside mining on Lihir

Source: The National

A COMMUNITY leader on Lihir Island, in New Ireland, says the leaders should now be focused on sustaining the economy after the mine closes.

Lihir Island hosts one of the world’s largest and richest mining projects in being developed by Newcrest Mining Limited.

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Why Bel Kol with BCL is not well received by local people of Bougainville

Special Correspondent in Bougainville

The Panguna Landowners Association executives and stakeholders have been blowing the Bel Kol with Bougainville Copper Limited (BCL) trumpet over the past weeks creating awareness’s in and around Central Bougainville.

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PNG mine lacks public consent - campaigners

Source: Radio New Zealand

A campaign group says the Papua New Guinea government is going ahead with an experimental new seabed mine without the consent of the people.

The Canadian company, Nautilus Minerals, is set to go ahead with its Solwara One project off New Ireland - which will be the world's first extraction of minerals from the seabed.

PNG's mining minister, Byron Chan, says his constituents have been well consulted.

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Mining Capitalism: The Ok Tedi disaster and how mining companies manage dissents

Source: Papua New Guinea Mine watch

Mining Capitalism takes us from the devastation of a river to the courtrooms and commissions where activists and thieves reimagine its truth and consequences. This is a thrilling story, and everyone should read it" - Anna Tsing, author of Friction

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Juffa praised over land leases


Source: The National

A REPRESENTATIVE of the Mengen Sulka people in the East Pomio district has applauded Northern Governor Gary Juffa’s stand to support landowners that resulted in the cancellation of two Special Agriculture Business Leases (SABLs) in the Waigani National Court.

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Academic calls for Pacific leaders to ease on development


Picture source: Radio Australia online

Dr. Lati Lati, a Samoan academic lecturer in politics at the University of Otago, says there is a concerted effort in the Pacific to free up land for investment.

He elaborates that those efforts are encouraged by organizations like the World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

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Court orders leased land back to owners

Source: Post Courier

The National Court has declared two special agriculture and business leases (SABL) covering 38,350 hectares of land in the Oro Province null and void and has ordered the Sate to cancel the title deeds.

The orders declaring the two leases null and void were through consent drawn up by the disputing parties and endorsed by the court.

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