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New Study Reveals Dangers Inherent in Land Registration

Photo: New oil palm planting and processing mill in Pomio District, ENBP

Customary land registration processes can easily be captured by local ‘big men’ and companies with disastrous consequences for local people. This is the conclusion drawn in a study on recent oil palm expansion in Papua New Guinea by academic Caroline Hambloch from the University of London. 

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Population explosion makes protection of customary land vital

By Eddie Tanago

Papua New Guinea’s population is growing at an explosive rate, which makes retaining control of customary land vitally important. Customary land is very valuable. It sustains a huge economy and provides employment for 3 million local farmers. Customary land is also vital for food security and it makes people strong and self-reliant. 

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Concerns as PNG prepares to return land to traditional owners

Source: Radio Australia

There's concern that logging of forests will continue (Credit: Audience submitted) 

Community groups have welcomed the Papua New Guinea Government's announcement it will abolish special agricultural business leases.

The leases paved the way for millions of hectares of customarily-owned land to be taken over by large corporations for so-called agricultural projects.

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State calls for land register

Comment: The Government is using the SABL scandal to push land registration, but land registration is a dangerous exercise as it can quickly lead to land alienation, and with corruption rife in the Department of Lands nobody should trust the government with their most precious resource...

Source: The National

OWNERS of customary land affected by the Government’s decision to revoke Special Agriculture and Business Leases have been urged to register their land and become title-holders.

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PM: We will reclaim land lost to illegal SABLS

Source: Post Courier

The O’Neill/Dion Government is cancelling all Special Agriculture and Business Leases (SABLs) obtained illegally, and will abolish provisions of the Land Act which allows for SABLs to be granted.

“We are taking these steps to reclaim our customary land illegally lost to foreigners with the help of corrupt public servants and leaders,” Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said today.

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Citizens urged to protect customary land


Papua New Guineans have been urged not to sell their land freely. This was a topic of concern raised on land mediation in Buka.

It was discussed that “the selling customary land is the selling of birth right, which in turn creates future problems.”

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Pacific Islands At Sea Over Land Rights

By Catherine Wilson and Inter Press Agency

Photo: Customary land tenure underpins subsistence and smallholder agricultural livelihoods for many Pacific Islanders. Credit: Catherine Wilson/IPS.

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Indigenous people, not Australians, should determine Vanuatu's future

Source: Joel Simo* writing in the Sydney Morning Herald

To visiting Australians, my home, the island nation of Vanuatu, is either paradise or a Third World backwater. Holidaymakers prize our beaches and clear waters. But workers from aid organisations such as AusAID see limited employment opportunities and poverty.

Both groups have ideas for "improving" Vanuatu through holiday homes, tourism and a commercial track to "development", including the establishment of Western-style property rights.

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