How we can stop criminal cartels stealing our forests

Police action squad dealing to illegal loggers in Oro Province. Image: Gary Juffa/FB

OPINION: By Gary Juffa

In the ongoing saga of stopping illegal logging in Papua New Guinea’s Oro province, our facts reveal that the PNG Forest Authority is failing our people.

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Help stop an environmental and human rights disaster

Your help is needed to STOP an environmental and human rights DISASTER.

Two million hectares of forest are being clear-felled within Special-purpose agriculture lease areas in PNG despite gowing evidence the leases and the logging are totally illegal and cause irreversible environmental damage.

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Latest log export data

The latest round log export data from SGS shows that Papua New Guinea exported 3 million cubic metres of round logs in 2010, almost a 50% increase on 2009.

China remains the main export destination, increasing its export share from 83% in 2008 and 2009 to 86% in 2010.

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Predatory corporations, failing governance and the fate of forests in PNG

By William Laurence et al

Papua New Guinea (PNG) sustains some of the world’s most biologically and culturally rich forests.

Like many tropical nations, PNG is changing rapidly as it attempts to develop economically, but corporate misdealing and weak governance are undermining its capacity to do so sustainably.

Over exploitation of forests is rampant, with most accessible forests likely to be logged or disappear in 1–2 decades.

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DEC told government's carbon trading plans illegal

The Department of Conservation in Papua New Guinea has received legal advice that any carbon trading schemes, including the government's own model carbon projects, are unlawful.

The legal advice states there is no legal basis for the governments model carbon trading projects in Kamula Doso and April Salume and both projects are "legally untenable".

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