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Organic sun dried chillies grown in Eastern Highlands Province

The argument that customary land has to be given away to enable 'development'  has been shown yet again, to be 'giaman' (a lie). 

The photos below, taken by journalist and blogger Scott Waide, show how small farmers are using their customary land to grow and sell spices, and farm bees for honey to support their families. 

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Building family livelihoods from charcoal in PNG

University of Adelaide researchers have helped create a new industry for Papua New Guinea (PNG) farmers based on producing charcoal from locally grown firewood crops. 

A six-year project funded by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and working with PNG researchers and landholders, has seen the development of successful small businesses surrounding the production and selling of charcoal from new quick-growing tree crops.

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Our seeds - a video that warns of the threat commercial seeds pose to our food security

"Seeds Blong Yumi”, is a 57 minute documentary that celebrates traditional food plants and the people that grow them and stresses the importance of maintaining traditional farming practices [see video tralier below].

Indigenous farmers around the world face increasing pressure from agribusiness corporations that push their low-diversity seed stock. Many of these varieties require costly inputs such as pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

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Another type of corruption: necessary improvements in agriculture practises before 2012

By Tony Flynn - WAU...

This is not about someone stealing our money or goods, this corruption relates to a systematic denial of our future as viable farmers and a denial of our ability to be self sufficient.

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