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It is time for Papua New Guinea to stop relying on destructive large-scale extractive industries and build an indigenous economy based around our land and our people.

Projects like the ExxonMobil LNG, new mines and large-scale logging don't benefit rural communities or our economy as the revenues and profits are kept overseas while local people suffer the negative social and environmental impacts.

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Budget changes target tax evasion by extractive industries

Tax evasion by multinational companies involved in the exploitation of Papua New Guinea's natural resources is finally on the government radar and an increasing number of reforms are being implemented.

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Rising tide of opposition to large-scale mining in PNG

PNG Mine Watch

Opposition to large-scale mining in Papua New Guinea is becoming more and more visible as communities become much more vocal in expressing their anger and disapproval.

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Foreign miners guilty of double standards

International Mining Companies have Colonial and Racist Double Standards

Source: Papua New Guinea Mine Watch

A case study comparing the performance of Canadian mining companies in their home country to their performance overseas has found dramatic double standards.

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Juffa: Focus on our land, return to our roots

Source: Post Courier

The drop in commodity prices is a great lesson for Papua New Guinea which has relied too much on the extractive industries, says Northern Governor Gary Juffa.

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Micah warns mining firms

It is amazing that Kavieng open member, Ben Micah is being vocal about puting extractive industries on notice to respect and protect the environment, when the experimental seabed mining project is in its preparation stage to begin in 2017 in waters that harbour New Irealand and New Britan.  Hopefully, this new legislative framework he is currently developing will be enough to shut down ESM in Papua New Guinea, if we really want to protect our environment.


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Poverty rises amidst gold

By Catherine Wilson for Inter Press Service

Photo: Villagers in Papua New Guinea point to their village destroyed in a landslide from a quarry being excavated for a liquefied natural gas project. Credit: Catherine Wilson/IPS

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Agriculture vital to PNG

Source: The National / PACNEWS

Recent increased developments in the extractive industry have left the agriculture sector to near collapse, says  Papua New Guinea Agriculture Minister Tommy Tomscoll.

Tomscoll said despite that, the agriculture sector has always been the backbone of the economy.

He said as a way forward he would encourage the government to shift their focus from the mineral sector to redevelop the agriculture sector and other sustainable industries such as fisheries and tourism for sustainable economic growth.

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