From ‘anticipation, excitement’ to dictatorship fears in general election

Engan voter protesters in Wabag demand "no more corruption". Image: Peter S. Kinjap

Source: Pacific Media Centre

Feelings of “anticipation, excitement” first gripped Papua New Guinea as polling in the general election opened last month.

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Election chaos

SOURCE: Charles Richardson / CRIKEY

Papua New Guinea, Australia’s former colony and nearest neighbour, has been going to the polls in a parliamentary election that concludes tomorrow. As is common in countries with major logistical challenges, voting has been staggered over a two-week period.

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Candidates gear up ahead of ABG presidential elections 2015

By Tupukas Aunge

The ABG elections are approaching in June of 2015, in the Autonomous Region preparations are going well ahead by those in power and those intending. Here are some early premonitions of what to expect come June 2015.

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Blind faith in a failed political system

For 36 years this political system has not solved your problems yet somehow the sheeple continue to have blind faith in a failed system. It’s produced the Bougainville crisis, the World’s third largest Environmental Disaster at Fly River, 5.2 million hectares of land stolen, human rights abuses and police brutality, massive theft of public monies, an education system that fails to produce nation builders, a health system that doesn’t work and etc...

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PNG Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court

Papua New Guinea's supreme court of justice has ruled that the Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates is unconstitutional. Please find attached the judgement in this matter...

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