Will the 2018 APEC Summit Benefit PNG?

Commentary by By Aloysius Otmar on PNG Today

PM Peter O'Neill and Treasury Minister Charles Abel are saying PNG will benefit from the APEC 2018. Like many right thinking and concerned PNGeans, I doubt it very much. This event will only be a major gain for many politically-aligned individuals and not the country as a whole. Why do I need to boast about the APEC 2018 when;

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Election chaos

SOURCE: Charles Richardson / CRIKEY

Papua New Guinea, Australia’s former colony and nearest neighbour, has been going to the polls in a parliamentary election that concludes tomorrow. As is common in countries with major logistical challenges, voting has been staggered over a two-week period.

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Gary Juffa: Respect, Honor and Discipline

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What is Development?

Are we really aware of the development we continue to 'so vividly' accept. What is the model of development Papua New Guinea should be growing by? the jay-walking ends now and today we choose to walk with direction.

Source: Kevin J. Barr

January, 2012

Development and Modernisation

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Manifestations of violence in PNG

By Martyn Namorong*

If someone asked you what violence is, you’d automatically have images of people fighting, husbands beating wives, dogs chasing cats, etc... What if I told you that if you find this article frustrating, boring, insulting, distasteful, shallow, biased, etc...? Then I’ve been violent towards you.

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Time for PNG to follow Jamaica and ditch the Queen?

Jamaica to break links with Queen, says Prime Minister Simpson Miller

Jamaica's new Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller, has said she intends to make the island a republic, removing Queen Elizabeth as the head of state.

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Busting the West's perverted concept of wealth

By Martyn Namorong

A FRIEND OF MINE recently told me about a trip to Mt Hagen. You know there aren’t any mines nor is there any oil or gas exploitation in the Western Highlands Province. But he reckons he saw more 10-seaters in Hagen than they have in Tabubil.

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Do indigenous people benefit from 'development'?

We need to think about whether development brings any benefits to those who are largely self-sufficient – like many of the world's 150 million tribal people including many Papua New Guineans

By Stephen Corry*

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LAND: That is what makes us special

By Martyn Namorong*

What is the first question a Papua New Guinean would ask another when they first meet?

“Where are you from?"

This question as innocent as it may sound had major consequences during those days of tribal warfare. For it was forbidden that one should trespass in another’s land or extract resources from it. The penalty was DEATH! That was the Law of the Land.

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Foreign aid - is it worth it?

By Tim Anderson

Aid worldwide runs at more than $120 billion per year (World Bank 2011a), yet there is very little correlation between this expenditure and the often stated goal of poverty reduction. The failures of aid are legion. Yet this ‘development assistance’ has become a massive and semi- permanent global industry which in western countries is often erroneously equated with ‘development’. Nothing could be further from the truth. Aid programs, despite the stated good intentions, certainly deserve some critical scrutiny. 

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