Village Coffee: a better deal for PNG growers


                                                                                       Written by Pana Wiya

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Farmer Support: Papua New Guinea producers welcomed coffee roasters from Australia and New Zealand

Prabindra Singh - Network of Asian and Pacific Producers Board Member visits PNG for the first time.

Source: Fairtrade Australia

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State of Origin Brings Coffee Beans to Town

Coffee buyers in Goroka, Eastern Highlands had a field day today as coffee growers brought their dried parchment coffee beans to town by the truckloads. Buyers set up buying points from the junction near the Mendikwae building all the way down to the main market and Chuave market near Aserufa fuel depot.

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Is Eastern Highlands Synonymous with Coffee?

By Dirong Gomon, Goroka, Eastern Highlands Province

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Call for more coffee farmers in Papua New Guinea

From Radio New Zealand

The managing director of one of Papua New Guinea’s main coffee exporters says the industry needs more famers.

Monpi Coffee operates out of Goroka, the capital of Eastern Highlands province and one of PNG’s largest coffee-growing regions.

Chris Anders has lived in Goroka for 30 years and says coffee from the region is very good quality.

He says that was proved recently when a supplier won third place at awards held by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

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